June 9, 2023

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Russia Ukraine News: Russia Ukraine crisis: Vladimir Putin demands $ 1 million bounty on Russian businessman’s death or death

Moscow: President of the Russian people for the attack on Ukraine Vladimir Putin ,Vladimir Putin) Against. Massive protests have taken place in several major cities, including the Russian capital, Moscow. Now Russian businessman Alex Konyak has announced a $ 1 million bounty on Vladimir Putin’s head.Gift on Putin’s head) Has done. The reward in Indian rupees will be Rs 7.5 crore. Konyakin shared a poster with a picture of Putin on his Facebook and LinkedIn, saying ‘Wanted: Dead or Alive. Mass Murder ‘. Alex said in a statement that he was willing to pay $ 1 million for the arrest of Putin, a war criminal under international law.

Facebook deleted Konyak’s post
This post by Konyak has been deleted by Facebook for violating the rules. The Russian businessman then clarified that he was not asking people to kill Putin. My purpose is to bring them to justice. Konyak’s post was published almost a week after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. More than 2,000 civilians are said to have been killed in the war in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry said a day earlier that 498 soldiers had been martyred during special operations in Ukraine. Ukraine, on the other hand, claims to have killed about 9,000 Russian soldiers.

Under Russian and international law, I promise to arrest Putin as a war criminal and pay $ 1,000,000 to constitutional law enforcement officials.

Alex Konyakin

Konyak has been charged with embezzling $ 8 million
Alex Konyak, 55, is a wealthy businessman. In 1992, he served on the Russian delegation to the United States, led by then-Russian President Boris Yeltsin. He later held a senior position at the Russian Exchange Bank on behalf of the Kremlin’s Russian Presidential Office. However, he resigned and fled to the United States in 2007 after being accused of embezzling $ 8 million from a Russian exchange bank.

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India-Russia relations: Russia continues to provide S-400 missile system and military spare parts … Great guarantee to India
Putin said he killed his enemies
He said Putin had not been Russian president since he came to power as a result of a special campaign to demolish apartment buildings in Russia. He then violated the constitution by abolishing free elections and killing his opponents. , As a Russian ethnic group and a Russian citizen, I consider it my moral duty to liberate Russia from Nazism. He also announced his continued assistance to Ukraine.

Putin wanted to be dead or alive

Russian businessman announces reward for Putin’s head