June 24, 2022

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Russia-Ukraine war மாதம் 4 month: The most dangerous period of the Russo-Ukraine war is coming! – Four months Russia-Ukraine war Vladimir Putin Volodymyr Zelenskyy NATO World War III NTC

Highlights of the story

  • The Ukraine-Russia war continues on more than 100 fronts in several cities
  • Leaving the capital Kiev, Russia focused on the Donbass region
  • The threat of Russian attack on Lithuania, Sweden, Finland and Poland increased

Speed ​​is the key to victory in battle … If the enemy is not ready for battle, take advantage of this situation. Advance from the path unknown even to the enemy. From a security point of view, attack the most vulnerable areas of the enemy first … ‘

In the historical book The Art of War, written about two and a half thousand years ago, the Chinese philosopher Chan Xu describes the actions of victorious generals. Even today, the world is witnessing a war, rather a great war. Today marks four months since the war between Russia and Ukraine. War does not stop or there is no sense of destruction.

By the time Russian President Putin formally announced the invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022, the Russian Air Force had bombed more than a hundred military bases in Ukraine just minutes before, disturbing the strength of border guards and blockades. Entering the cities of Ukraine, the bombing plane began to bomb the capital Kiev. Putin declared war and said that the Ukrainian army would lay down its arms and go home, only then would the soldiers be saved.

For a moment after the declaration of war, the world realized that war was only a matter of hours and that Ukraine was about to surrender. How long will Ukraine last against world power Russia? The US intelligence agency also predicted that Zhelensky’s army would surrender in a few days and that the capital, Kiev, would fall to Russian forces in a few days. But that did not happen. To the shock of the world, Ukrainian President Zhelensky did not leave the field, but escorted the people with him and stood on the battlefield. Then and today four months later Ukraine. Cities in the city were destroyed, 8 million people fled the country, but Ukraine did not surrender. The Russian army is fierce.

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Where did the mistake happen?

One philosopher rightly said that war is nothing but pain, suffering and destruction. San Joo writes in his book The Art of War: ‘If you can not attack at the right time due to lack of accurate information about the enemy, the war can drag on for years. As the war progresses, economic and military damage will increase. The Russian military in Ukraine made a similar mistake in the early days. Troops advanced from many cities and from many sides, but in retaliation, Ukrainian forces damaged Russian military convoys, warplanes and warships stationed in the Black Sea.

How much damage has been done to which side so far?

In the four months since the war, 34,000 Russian soldiers have been killed, according to Ukraine. The Ukrainian military says it has shot down 1,500 Russian tanks, 756 artillery pieces, 99 anti-aircraft defense forces, 216 fighter jets and 183 helicopters. At the same time, Russia’s claim is many times greater than Ukraine’s. Eight million people have fled Ukraine. On average, 200 Ukrainian soldiers die every day. In the war so far, every month 6000 Ukrainian soldiers, that is, more than 24 thousand Ukrainian soldiers are killed. Almost all major cities in Ukraine are facing the devastation of the Russian bombings.

The system stalled, huge economic loss

On the economic front, Ukraine has suffered more than $ 600 billion in economic losses. The whole system of the country has come to a standstill. As Ukraine is embroiled in war, even the European and American nations that have come to its aid are suffering great losses. There is a fuel crisis in Europe due to Russia’s gas shutdown, the supply of oil and other essential commodities to all countries of the world, including India, has been disrupted and costs have risen significantly. Many companies around the world have been affected by this war, and people are facing employment problems. On the other hand, all the big companies have left Russia. The United States and Europe have imposed severe sanctions on Russia. The economic situation of ordinary Russian people is worrisome.

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According to UNEP, the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war is happening worldwide. Especially in matters of food, energy and finance. An estimated one billion and 600 million people worldwide are in trouble on either of these three fronts as a result of this war. One billion to 200 million of these people live in countries directly affected by the war crisis. This war has affected 107 countries of the world in some way. Many things, including gas, energy, oil, fertilizer, grains, equipment, agricultural equipment and weapons and machinery, have been diverted from Russia and Ukraine to other parts of the world, or their supply has been disrupted due to sanctions.

War in a new direction

The Russia-Ukraine war has now become a bipartisan sword. After capturing a city like Mariupol, Russia has changed its strategy in Ukraine. Russia has left the capital, Kiev, and is beginning to strengthen its hold on eastern Ukraine. Cities such as Severodonesk and Lisichansk are surrounded by Russian troops. By tightening its grip on Kharkiv, Russia seeks to strengthen the siege of the Donbass region so that it can sever part of Ukraine and declare it a separate state if necessary. In cities like Kherson and Melitopol, the Russian passport issue for citizens is requested by the local administration. Experts say this is a sign that Russia is not in the mood to evacuate the area soon.

Will other countries now become targets of war?

Russia has also stepped up pressure on countries aiding Ukraine by cutting off Europe’s gas supplies. Russia, on the other hand, has warned Finland and Sweden about its attempts to join NATO, while Russia’s attack on Lithuania, which borders its ally Belarus, is feared at any time. Lithuania is preparing for war for redemption. Lithuania, a NATO member state that supplies arms to Ukraine, has only 16,000 troops and will face difficulties if Russia attacks. The United States has warned Russia of fears of an attack on Lithuania, saying the attack on Lithuania would be seen as an attack on NATO and that NATO nations would retaliate strongly.

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How far can the situation get worse?

In this situation, the war is gradually spreading from Ukraine to many countries. Because the border with Poland begins as soon as it crosses Lithuania. The United States and European countries use whose land to supply arms and other assistance to Ukraine. The risk of an attack on Poland increases when Lithuania falls under Russian occupation. On the other hand, the meeting of EU member states has raised hopes that the Ukrainian member will get the green signal, and once this happens, Russia may again take any action against the EU. If Russia takes action against Lithuania, Sweden, Finland or Ukraine in such a situation, NATO nations could jump into the fray and create a situation that could lead to a third world war or a nuclear attack. Created by ..

The world still has time to be vigilant

If this fight continues, fuel inflation will plague all countries, the stagnation of multinational corporations will lead to a job crisis, the supply of all commodities, including food, will rise and inflation will recede. . In such a scenario, the pressure on all nations of the world to take drastic action against Russia will increase and the situation will worsen. Something similar happened during World War II when the German dictator Hitler’s army continued to occupy the neighborhood, not for a year or two for the first few months, the nations of the world were silent to avoid war, but then all the wars I had to jump into, the war dragged on for 6 years. The world saw how many disasters followed. If the Russo-Ukraine war does not escalate to such an extent, international organizations such as the UN must rush in and find a way to peace.