May 25, 2022

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Russia-Ukraine war, 7 civilians killed as Russian army fires on evacuation convoy

New Delhi:
Ukraine war: The situation in Ukraine is very tense due to the series of attacks by Russia. But Russia did not take the name of the stop. At the same time the attitude of the President of Ukraine has softened over the past few days. Yet he was not ready to kneel. Under the circumstances, Russian President Vladimir Putin did not name the stop. Meanwhile, most cities in Ukraine are echoed by terrifying explosions. Now the Ukrainian people are leaving their country and moving very fast to other countries in search of safer places. Get to know the big updates related to the war

Important information about the case:

  1. Former President of Germany Heckhard Schrder Ukraine On Thursday evening, he met with Russian President Vladimir Putin and ended the hours-long war. The German media built Am Sondak (BAMS) also confirmed the meeting. The weekly newspaper quoted a person with extensive knowledge of Schrder’s activities as saying that Schrder had spoken at length with one of Putin’s close aides.

  2. United States Has announced $ 200 million in aid to provide military assistance to Ukraine. US President Joe Biden on Saturday agreed to provide $ 200 million in additional military equipment to Ukraine. The United States is helping because of Russia’s increasing aggression and limited resources in Ukraine.

  3. Most of the settlements in Ukraine were completely deserted after the Russian invasion. The two countries are not ready to bow to each other due to the ongoing war here. Russia has always wanted to bring Kiev under its control. The Russian military says the humanitarian situation in some Ukrainian cities is “catastrophic.”

  4. In the midst of the attack from Russia, according to Reuters Ukraine The rescue operation is underway. Ukraine’s Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vareshchuk said on March 12 that Ukraine had evacuated 13,000 civilians from the human route, a doubling of the previous day. As a result, about 7,500 people were evacuated from the human route on March 11.

  5. Ukraine says Russian soldiers have shot dead women and children outside a village near Kiev, killing seven people, including one child. According to the Ministry of Defense, the attack took place on March 11 when a group of women and children were moving towards a safe place from the village of Permoha in Kiev Oblast.

  6. In the midst of the Russia-Ukraine crisis, Google is now adding air strike warnings to its Ukrainian Android users. According to GSM Arena, the update is part of Google’s Play Services, and the company is releasing it at the request of the Ukrainian government. Android announcements will be based on alerts already sent by the Ukrainian government.

  7. Ukrainian officials say Russia plans to take full control of the International Atomic Energy Agency, the United Nations nuclear watchdog and the Saporizhia nuclear power plant. However, this claim has not yet been confirmed.

  8. Ukrainian President Zhelensky discussed the state of war in Ukraine with Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett and sought his help in the release of Mayor Melitopol. On Twitter, Zelensky wrote, “Following talks with Israeli Prime Minister naftalibennett. We talked about the possibility of Russian occupation and peace talks. We must stop the repression against civilians.”

  9. According to a local media outlet, the Ukrainian Armed Forces reported that two Russian helicopters had been shot down in Gerson Oblast. The Kiev Independent reports that the injured pilot was taken to hospital. Earlier, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba said Russia was trying to hold a separatist “referendum” on Kersan, copying what happened in eastern Ukraine and Crimea in 2014.

  10. According to the Zaforizhia Regional Administration, the elected mayor has been appointed the new mayor of the Ukrainian city of Melidopol after being detained by the Russian military. Elected mayor Ivan Fedorov was detained by the Russian military on Friday. On the other hand, Ukraine’s Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned the detention of the mayor of Melitopol on its Facebook account.

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