March 27, 2023

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Russia Ukraine war live updates Russia becomes more aggressive after failed talks with Ukraine – Russia-Ukraine war live: Russian army fires rockets at Kharkiv military academy, strikes several residential areas

Russia-Ukraine crisis: Attack on government headquarters kills at least 10

Russia-Ukraine war: The Russian military is involved in the destruction of several cities in Ukraine. In this context, the Russian military today fired rockets at the Kharkiv Military Academy. The report also said that the Russian military had attacked several residential areas. At the same time, control rooms have been set up by the Indian government for Indian citizens stranded in Ukraine. These control rooms are located in Poland, Romania, Hungary and the Slovak Republic. These countries share a border with Ukraine. Indians stranded in Ukraine can get help and return home by calling the numbers provided by the government. It should be noted that between Russia and Ukraine Many days of war Negotiations continued between the two countries to end this war, which completely failed. After that Russia became more aggressive. Russia is rapidly attacking many cities in Ukraine. The Russian military has launched a major offensive against a local government headquarters in the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. At least 10 of them were killed. In addition, five people were killed in an airstrike by Russia on the main television tower in the capital, Kiev. Airstrikes on the TV tower have stopped broadcasting in the state. In view of the ongoing airstrikes in the capital Kiev, Ukraine Embassy of India Has been turned off.

According to sources, the Indian embassy in Kiev has been closed to make sure there are no Indians there. The ambassador and other staff of the Indian embassy in Ukraine have traveled to the western part of the war-torn country.

Meanwhile, an Indian student was killed in a Russian attack in Kharkiv on Tuesday. Naveen Sekarappa from Karnataka had gone to the ration shop. When the administration building was targeted by the Russian military, he was reportedly standing to collect rations. Naveen was also killed in the attack.

Here are the direct announcements of the Ukraine-Russia conflict:

Rahul Gandhi has questioned how many Indians have been expelled from Ukraine so far
Congress President Rahul Gandhi has asked the Government of India a number of questions regarding ‘Mission Ganga’. Rahul Gandhi tweeted that how many Indian citizens have been deported from Ukraine so far and how many more are trapped in Ukraine?

NSUI has been fighting over the issue of students trapped in Ukraine
The National Students Union of India (NSUI) is protesting today over the issue of students trapped in Ukraine. The protest is taking place outside Shastri Bhavan. In this situation, 5 flights from countries around Ukraine arrived at the Delhi airport from this morning.

Air India flight from Romania to Delhi Airport

The expulsion of Indians from Ukraine is in full swing. Today Air India Flight Number AI 1942 carrying Indians arrived at Delhi Airport from Romania.

Union Minister Smriti Irani welcomed the returning Indians from Ukraine in regional languages

Union Minister Smriti Irani welcomed the Indian students returning from Ukraine in regional languages. Minister Smriti Irani welcomed the Indians on the flight from Ukraine.

The Government of India has set up 24×7 operating control rooms in countries adjacent to Ukraine

The Government of India has set up control rooms in Poland, Romania, Hungary and the Slovak Republic to assist Indian citizens stranded in Ukraine. Indians stranded in Ukraine can get help by calling the numbers provided.

Another flight from Poland picked up Indian students and reached Delhi
The plane carrying Indian students from Poland arrived at the Delhi airport. About 218 Indian students have arrived on this flight.

The Ukrainian military says Russian military aircraft have landed in Kharkiv

The Ukrainian military said, “Russian military airstrikes have landed in Kharkiv and they have attacked the hospital … fighting continues …”

Russia thought Ukraine would surrender, but it stood firm: US President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden announced a series of sanctions on Russia during his State of the Union address today. Joe Biden said today that the United States is with Ukraine. We, along with our allies, are imposing sanctions on Russia. We are disconnecting Russia’s largest banks from the International Monetary Fund. Not only that, but Biden said the United States was going to close its airspace for all Russian flights.

President Joe Biden added that throughout our history we have learned the lesson that when dictators do not pay the price for their aggression, they create more chaos. Russia thought Ukraine would bow, but Ukraine stood firm. The United States is with the people of Ukraine. He warned Putin that Russia would pay the price for the attack. The Ukrainian ambassador was also present during Biden’s speech. (Agency)

Several planes are sent to pick up the Indians

Air Force transport plane C-17 took off for Romania this morning to rescue Indians stranded in Ukraine. At the same time a flight from Budapest arrived in Delhi. Meanwhile, on March 3 and March 4, the maximum number of flights will come under Operation Ganga. It is said that 12-15 flights will arrive during this period.

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Jyotiraditya Cynthia met with the Indian Ambassador to discuss plans to rescue students stranded in Ukraine.

Central Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Cynthia has questioned how Indians stranded in Ukraine should be deported to India. In this connection he met the Indian Ambassador to Romania and Moldova Rahul Srivastava. During this time, operational issues and flight planning for the evacuation from Bucharest and Suzhou were discussed.

Jyotiraditya Cynthia meets Indian students at Bucharest Airport
Central Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Cynthia wrote that Quill met Indian students at Bucharest Airport when he posted. These students were waiting for their flight. His early departure from Bucharest was confirmed. In fact these students are trapped in Ukraine and they were brought to India under Mission Ganga.

In the last 24 hours, 6 flights have taken off for India: Foreign Minister Jaisankar
Informing about Operation Ganga, Foreign Minister Jaishankar said that 6 planes had departed for India in the last 24 hours. Including the first flight from Poland. A further 1377 Indians were brought in from Ukraine.

Russian flights banned from US airspace: President Joe Biden

US President Joe Biden took a tough stance against Russia during his State of the Union address, saying Russian flights were banned from US airspace.

Many important suggestions have been made to Indians stranded in Ukraine

The Ganga Mission is run by the Government of India to rescue Indians stranded in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the Indian embassy has issued a statement. The advice issued said that Indian citizens should avoid crossing the Shehini-Medica border. Indian embassy officials in Poland are stationed at the Medica and Pudomiers border checkpoints. Here these officers are helping all Indians return.