February 7, 2023

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Russia Ukraine war live updates: What happened between Russia and Ukraine Kyiv and Karkiv, Vladimir Putin, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, Nato News in Hindi – Ukraine Russia War Live: Russia offers to negotiate with Ukraine Amid the war, a delegation was sent to Belarus.

Afternoon 01:06, 27-Feb-2022

Russia has offered to negotiate again

Russia, which has waged war in Ukraine, is ready to negotiate again. Russia has offered to hold talks with Ukraine. A Russian delegation has been sent to Belarus for this purpose. Russia has reportedly agreed to unconditional talks this time.

12:10 pm, 27-Feb-2022

Russia besieges two major cities in Ukraine

Russia says it has besieged two major Ukrainian cities. One of these cities is in the south and the other in the southeast. Meanwhile, news broke that the Russian army had entered Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city.

11:53 AM, 27-Feb-2022

240 civilians were killed in the Russian attack

Hundreds of people have been killed in the war between Russia and Ukraine. The United Nations has confirmed that 240 people have been killed in Russia’s attacks so far. However, this number may still be high.

11:47 am, 27-Feb-2022

Claiming the death of a high-ranking commander of the Chechen Special Forces

According to the Daily Mail, Ukraine has killed top Commander of Russia’s Chechen Special Forces Commodore Tshoyev.

11:41 am, 27-Feb-2022

The Russian-Ukrainian war broke out and was dangerous

The war between Russia and Ukraine has reached a dangerous stage. If Russia invades, Ukraine will enter the field with full force. Ukraine, meanwhile, says it has broken through a strong wall of Chechen special forces with 56 tanks outside Kiev.

10:05 am, 27-Feb-2022

Indian students stranded in Ukraine arrive at Bangalore airport

Indian students stranded in Ukraine during the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine have reached the Bangalore airport. A student who returned to India said that the Indian embassies in Romania and Ukraine were functioning well and that they were active. Thank you to the Government of India as a whole, including the Prime Minister.

Toxic smoke warning in Kiev

Toxic smoke spread following a missile attack on an oil depot in Kiev. This makes it difficult for people to breathe. Meanwhile, people have been warned not to leave their homes and not to even open the windows of the house.

A straight fight marks the beginning of World War III

The Russian currency market is likely to fall sharply on Monday

Russia, which has waged war in Ukraine, is facing a number of sanctions. Meanwhile, a former senior official of the Russian Central Bank fears that by Monday, the Russian currency market could see a major downturn.

Missile attack on oil depot, gas pipeline destroyed

Russia has become very aggressive. He detonated a gas pipeline in Kharkiv, Ukraine. At the same time, the oil depot in Vasilkiv was targeted by Russian ballistic missiles.

Ukraine Russia live war: In the midst of the war, Russia comes forward to negotiate with Ukraine, delegation sent to Belarus

Russia attacked from all sides to capture Kiev. There have been two bombings here since 9pm. Russia, meanwhile, has reportedly launched an airstrike on a radioactive waste disposal site near Kiev. However, so far there is no news of a leak from here.

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