November 30, 2022

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Russia-Ukraine war news: US tensions over Russia-China-India ‘alliance’

Washington: The United States is concerned about a new alliance in South Asia amid the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. The United States has appealed to China not to help Russia. In addition, the report said on Monday that it was monitoring countries trying to provide financial or economic assistance to Russia. The signal from the US may have been directed towards India following reports of a recent trade deal between India and Russia. In such a situation, it is questionable whether these two major Asian powers will try to free Russia from all Western sanctions.

U.S. National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan met with Chinese High Commissioner Yang Jiechi in Rome on Monday to express Washington’s concerns about possible military and financial assistance to Russia. The meeting came after US officials said Moscow was seeking military and economic assistance from China. However, China said this was a propaganda and rejected the news.

India is not yet clear about US concerns about countries coming forward to help Russia, but a recent report said that New Delhi buys crude oil and other goods from Moscow at subsidized prices. . The exchange is said to be made in rupees-rubles. In such a scenario, the United States is deeply concerned about the growing new Russia-China-India partnership in Asia amid tensions between New Delhi-Beijing and good relations between India and the United States.

The United States is pressuring China not to try to bail Russia out, while its energy-based NATO partner is very lenient on the matter. All NATO members condemning Russia’s occupation continue to buy gas and oil from Ukraine. India and China have refused to directly condemn Russia’s occupation of Ukraine. The only common cause for both concerns is the growing NATO coverage that has led to Russia’s aggressive stance against Ukraine.

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However, China and Russia have developed close ties in recent years, and the United States has been watching. At the same time, India sought good relations with both Washington and Moscow amid tensions with China. As a result, US demands on China are harsh and public, but its pressure on India is relatively low and quiet. The United States also understands that New Delhi’s long-term military supply depends on Russia.

U.S. officials and analysts have warned that if China offers to help Russia, it could be isolated on the world stage and face economic sanctions. Meanwhile, US officials also tried to differentiate between Moscow and Beijing. He sought to convince China that China did not fully understand Putin’s plans for Russia’s occupation of Ukraine. In the words of US NSA Jack Sullivan, Putin may have lied to China that he had no plans to invade Ukraine, as he has told other European countries.

With his claim on Taiwan in mind, many US experts believe that China has given the green signal for a Russian invasion. A debate by CNN’s political analyst John Rogin is one of the most talked about in the United States these days. John Rogin says Putin went to Beijing as a lawyer and received China’s indirect support for the war at the expense of securing Russia’s future. He said that Xi Jinping was also a collaborator in this war.

However, Rojin did not fully agree to look at the situation in Ukraine and Taiwan from one perspective. He said that Xi Jinping was watching the outcome of the Ukraine war and at the same time there was no doubt that he was watching to see if the West had the will to defend Taiwan. He said there was no doubt that Putin could avenge his friendship with China if China attacked island democracy.

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