May 29, 2022

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Russia-Ukraine war Vladimir Putin Volodymyr Zelenksy Mariupol Kiev extraction NATO EU Moscow Kharkiv News in India – Russia Ukraine war live: the governor informed – airstrikes on camps, Ukrainian soldiers were asleep, rescue operations are underway.

11:13 PM, 19-March-2022

Air strikes on soldiers’ camps

The governor of Ukraine’s southern Mykolaiv region said rescue operations were underway at the site of an airstrike where Ukrainian troops were sleeping. Speaking on national television, Governor Vitaly Kim said the attack took place on Friday, but did not provide further details about the location or possible casualties. Local media reported that an airstrike had been carried out on a barracks.

10:18 PM, 19-March-2022

Thanks to Zelensky Switzerland

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky has called on Switzerland to crack down on Russian oligarchy. He said such people are helping to wage war against Ukraine amid the security of beautiful Swiss cities. In an audio-linked speech to thousands of anti-war protesters in Bern, Zelensky thanked Switzerland for their support.

09:21 PM, 19-March-2022

The report was rejected by the Russian Space Agency

Russia’s space agency has denied reports that Russian astronauts from the International Space Station (ISS) wore yellow in support of Ukraine. Roscosmos’ news service said on its Telegram channel that sometimes yellow is yellow. The new crew’s flight suits are made in the colors of the Baman Moscow State Technical University logo. It is crazy to see the Ukrainian flag everywhere and everywhere.

When asked about the suit during a live news conference from the ISS on Friday, Mission Commander Oleg Artemyev said, “Each team chooses a different color.

Ours. In other words, the yellow cloth was so piled up that it had to be used. So we had to wear yellow airplane pants.

08:15 PM, 19-March-2022

Zelensky said, now is the time to meet

Volodymyr Zelensky has called for meaningful and just peace talks on Russia’s occupation of Ukraine. It’s time to meet, Zhelensky said. It’s time for a conversation. It is time for Ukraine to restore regional unity and justice. Otherwise, Russia’s loss would be so great that many generations would not be enough to repair it. The war must end. Ukraine’s proposals are ready.

07:36 PM, 19-March-2022

Russian astronauts are protesting the attack on Ukraine

A group of three Russian astronauts uniquely opposed the attack on Ukraine. All three astronauts arrived at the International Space Station dressed in the colors of the Ukrainian flag. He used this method to counter Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This is the first group of astronauts to arrive at the International Space Station since the Russian invasion of Ukraine last month. These astronauts were given a special welcome upon their arrival here. Here he hugged and greeted American, Russian and German soldiers. All three Russian astronauts were dressed in yellow and blue. The flag of Ukraine is blue and yellow.

06:13 PM, 19-March-2022

Boris Johnson said Putin’s terrible mistake

Speaking at the Conservative Party conference in Blackpool, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said his country stands with the people of Ukraine. As the bold opposition to Ukraine continues every day, it becomes clear that Putin has made a terrible mistake. Johnson questioned why Putin had launched such a large-scale invasion of Ukraine. It also rejected the notion that Russia had carried out the attack out of concern about joining NATO. Johnson said he was afraid of Ukraine because there is an independent press in Ukraine and there are free elections in Ukraine and every year Ukraine is making progress. Putin was afraid to be called an example of Ukraine and feared the stigma within him.

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05:06 PM, 19-March-2022

The United Nations Office on Human Rights says 816 people have been killed in Ukraine so far

A total of 816 Ukrainian civilians have been killed and 1,333 injured since the start of the Russian offensive on February 24, according to the UN Office for Human Rights. However, this shows very little in the actual figures. Ukrainian officials say thousands have been killed. A total of 112 children have been killed since the fighting began, according to Reuters. More than 140 children were injured.

04:21 PM, 19-March-2022

Street fighting in Mariupol

According to the city mayor, street fights at the Mariupol center have halted rescue efforts for hundreds of civilians trapped in the basement of the theater. Ukrainian officials say the theater was bombed by Russia on Wednesday. Mayor Vadim Boychenko told the BBC he could only help rescuers from the rubble when the fighting stopped. There are tanks, artillery shells and all kinds of weapons in that area.

03:58 PM, 19-March-2022

Plane crash during NATO training

The Norwegian Prime Minister said on Saturday that four American soldiers had been killed in a plane crash during a NATO exercise unrelated to the Ukraine war. Jonas Carr tweeted that the store died in an accident Friday night. The reasons are being explored. He said troops participated in the NATO exercise. We extend our deepest condolences to their families, relatives and fellow soldiers. The Norwegian Armed Forces said the plane was a V-22B Osprey owned by the US Marine Corps.

02:48 pm, 19-March-2022

Russia’s aircraft are no longer maintained in the United States

The United States has issued a major announcement in the wake of the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. The Biden administration has banned the maintenance of 100 aircraft used by Russia. This includes the plane of Russian billionaire businessman Roman Abrahamkovic.

Afternoon 01:51, 19-March-2022

The German company stopped production

The German company Bosch has stopped production at its plant in Russia. It is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Bosch. With this in mind we decided to stop production.

Afternoon 01:22, 19-March-2022

Ukrainian citizens were allowed to enter US territory, not Russians

About three dozen Russian refugees were barred from entering the United States on Friday, while a group of Ukrainians were allowed across the border. This scenario reflects the clear shift that is taking place peacefully with the citizens of Russia and Ukraine. Citizens of Russia and Ukraine enter Mexico as tourists and fly to Tijuana in the hope of traveling to the United States. Two days after Tijuana city officials politely urged them to leave, 34 Russians had camped for several days until Friday on the tense U.S. border with Mexico. Until a few days ago, some Russians entered the United States at the San Citro Crossing, and some Ukrainians were stopped. But the Russians were denied access until Friday, while the Ukrainians were deported after a short wait.

12:49 PM, 19-March-2022

Russia says a hypersonic missile has been fired at a Ukrainian arsenal

Russia’s Defense Ministry says a large underground weapons depot in Ukraine has been hit by a hypersonic missile. The attack destroyed Ukrainian missiles and aircraft-related weapons.