March 25, 2023

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Russia Ukraine War vs USA; What is the main reason for the border conflict? , Russia ready to attack, US ready to save; Why are the two superpowers clashing for Ukraine?

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About 1 lakh Russian soldiers stand on the border and point guns and artillery at Ukraine. Russia has also set up a special missile system called the Book, which has caused panic around the world. If a spark erupts, a fierce war will break out between Russia and Ukraine.

On the other hand, the United States has warned Russia that an attack on Ukraine would inflict heavy casualties. The United States says it can give a definitive answer to Russia’s action in Ukraine.

In the Bhaskar Indie, we tell you the whole story of this controversy. How deep are the roots of the Russia-Ukraine dispute? How did the current tension arise? Which country is behind this controversy? Why did the US-Russia nose question this matter? The most important question is what will happen if Russia attacks Ukraine.

Be the first to know the story of Crimea’s encounter in Ukraine

Crimea was part of Soviet Russia until the 1950s. Crimea was gifted to Ukraine in 1954 on the 300th anniversary of its entry into the Russian Empire. One of the main reasons behind the awarding of this prize to Ukraine is the suppression of the voice of the people there against Russia.

In fact, in 1932-33, the famine in Ukraine was caused by the misguided policies of Stalin, the greatest leader of Soviet Russia. Millions of people were killed in this, and Nikita Gorshchev made this decision to reduce the resentment that arose among the people there over Russia.

This gift to Ukraine has caused controversy

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After Crimea annexed Ukraine in 1954, it did not have much effect at that time; Since Ukraine was part of Soviet Russia, after the dissolution of Soviet Russia in 1991, Ukraine declared independence along with Crimea.

Russia does not yet have the strength to oppose Ukraine’s decision. After this Ukraine came closer to European countries. There were factories. The distance from Russia to Ukraine increased. When Vladimir Putin came to power, Ukraine returned to Russia’s agenda.

The 2010 incident in which Putin had the opportunity to reclaim Crimea

Even after Ukraine gained independence, Russia still considered Crimea as its territory. The controversy escalated in 2010 when Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych decided to join the Russian-led Eurasian Economic Union, a member of the Russian Federation.

This decision means that Ukraine will no longer join the EU. This could not be accepted by the United States and the West. Protests begin in Ukraine against President Victor As a result, Viktor Yanukovych was forced to step down as president in 2014.

Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych has resigned and launched an offensive against Ukraine

Viktor Yanukovych, considered close to Russia, immediately invaded Russia and occupied Crimea, Ukraine, shortly after resigning as president. Since then, the territory of Ukraine is still under Russian control of Crimea.

Since this incident, the Ukrainian government and people, with the exception of Crimea, have sought to improve their relations with Western Europe, but Russia opposes it. That is why the future of Ukraine lies between Russia and the West.

What happened now is that Russia surrounded Ukraine with millions of soldiers

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The fire, which has been raging in relations between Ukraine and Russia since 2014, has once again gained momentum. Rumors that Ukraine is joining the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) have intensified, which has heightened Russia’s anxiety and anger.

A recent video conference between US President Joe Biden and Putin took place. In this, Russia demanded assurances from the United States that Ukraine would not be included in NATO. The United States rejected Russia’s request. Only then was the border with Ukraine surrounded by millions of Russian soldiers.

This is why Russia is so angry with Ukraine

Deep link: When Ukraine was part of Soviet Russia, the capital Kiev was called the “Mother of Russian Cities”. From this it can be understood how close the bond between the two countries is.

Russian people living in Ukraine: A significant number of Russian people live in Ukraine. As such, Russia wants to prevent Ukraine from approaching European countries to protect those people.

Ukraine is the national symbol of RussiaUkraine is seen as a national symbol by the Russian people. In such a situation, Putin wants to take an edge in Ukraine and present a strong image of Russia to the world.

Business and Energy: Ukraine is very special for increasing Russia’s trade with European countries and for Russia’s ambitious gas pipeline project Nord Stream 2.

What NATO means is that Russia is preventing Ukraine from joining

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) is a group of nations created by the United States against Russia during the Cold War. The countries involved in this organization provide military assistance to each other in war-like situations. Russia fears Ukraine’s joining NATO could help the United States dominate Russia’s neighbors.

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Russia does not like this at all. Ukraine’s membership in NATO is Russia’s second major defeat since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. European countries, including the United States, want Ukraine to join the group.

Why the Ukraine conflict has become a nasal question for the United States today

The withdrawal of troops after the Taliban’s victory in Afghanistan has damaged the reputation of the United States and NATO. In this context, Russia’s approach to Ukraine has pacified the United States and NATO – affiliated nations. This is why the Ukraine issue is now a question for the United States.

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