March 25, 2023

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Russia-Ukraine war: We warn of possible Russian chemical attack on Ukraine, Russia’s tone softens, learn live announcements

08:45 PM, 10-March-2022

Russian property will be confiscated in Ukraine, Zhelensky signed into law

President Volodymyr Zhelensky has signed into law a law allowing the confiscation of Russian property in Ukraine. This law gives Ukraine the right to seize the property of the Russian Federation or its citizens without compensation. The law was passed by Parliament on March 3. The Kiev Independent, a Ukrainian media outlet, reported the news.

08:33 PM, 10-March-2022

If the pressure continues, global food prices will rise

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that if international economic pressure on Russia continues, world food prices will rise further. At a high-level government meeting chaired by Putin, Russian Agriculture Minister Dmitry Petrushev said that the country’s food security was secure and that Moscow would continue to meet export obligations to global agricultural markets. Putin also said that Russia resumes all energy exports, including to Ukraine.

08:25 PM, 10-March-2022

Russia says power has been restored to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant

Russia’s energy ministry says Belarusian experts have restored power to the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. The nuclear plant was captured by the Russian military two weeks ago. Russia’s state-run energy company says the plant was shut down after Russian troops damaged key power supplies.

05:00, 10-March-2022

Kamala Harris has demanded an investigation into Russia

US Vice President Kamala Harris has called for an investigation into international war crimes against Russia in connection with the attack on Ukraine and the bombing of civilians. In the Polish capital, Warsaw, Harris said Russia should be prosecuted for war crimes in connection with the attack on Ukraine and the bombing of innocent civilians and hospitals. Expressing US support for NATO, she lamented the injuries sustained by pregnant women in the maternity home bombing on Wednesday.

01:18 AM, 10-Mar-2022

Three people, including a child, were killed in the attack on the hospital

Three people, including a child, have been killed in a Russian attack on a hospital in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol.

10:53 PM, 09-March-2022

Sumi’s last batch reached Poland

On Thursday, the last batch of 600 Indian students was safely evacuated from Sumi and sent to Poland. From there they will be brought to India. Sumi has been heavily shelled by Russian forces. At India’s request, they were evacuated, giving them a safe corridor.

10:03 PM, 09-March-2022

119 Indians and 27 foreigners reached Hindon airport

A special air force plane landed at Hinton Air Force Base this morning from Bucharest, the capital of Romania. Due to this 119 Indians and 27 foreigners have been brought to India. This is the 17th aircraft of the Air Force. Indian Air Force military transport aircraft C-17 landed at Hindon Airport near Delhi this morning. India is expelling its citizens and others through war-torn Ukraine’s neighbors Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Poland.

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08:57 PM, 09-March-2022

The bill banning Russian oil imports was passed

The US House of Representatives has passed a bill banning Russian oil imports. The Biden administration recently decided to ban oil and gas imports from Russia. This is a strong US attack on Russia in protest of the attack on Ukraine.

07:32 PM, 09-March-2022

$ 13.5 billion in aid to Ukraine

The US House of Representatives has approved a $ 13.6 billion proposal for financial assistance to Ukraine and its allies. It is part of a $ 1.5 trillion diversification of aid to Ukraine.

07:22 PM, 09-March-2022

700 people came out near Kyiv and loaded cars with white flags

In the suburbs of the capital Kiev, 700 people carrying white flags in cars drove to safety. Ukraine’s Interior Ministry says about 700 people have been evacuated from Warsaw and Irfin. Many of them have not eaten anything for a few days.

06:39 PM, 09-March-2022

Pentagon warns NATO

On the other hand, the Pentagon has warned NATO that supplying fighter jets to Ukraine is too dangerous. The United States will oppose such a plan.

06:33 PM, 09-March-2022

Zhelensky called the bombing of a children’s hospital a massacre

Ukrainian President Zhelensky said on Wednesday that the Russian bombing of a children’s hospital in Mariupol was a genocide. He said Russia had dropped bombs here even after the ceasefire. A news agency reported that 17 workers were injured in an airstrike on a children’s hospital.

06:19 PM, 09-March-2022

US President Joe Biden will hold talks with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan today on Russia-Ukraine developments.