October 4, 2022

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Russian Tu-160 vs China H-6K Bomber: Why India Needed Russian Tu-160i Bomber? These planes are wreaking havoc in Ukraine, and what are their merits?

Author: Ramesh MishraPublished: Sunday, 14 August 2022 10:23 AM (IST)Updated Date: Sunday, 14 August 2022 12:20 PM (IST)

New Delhi, J.N.N. Russian bomber Tu-160 and India: Whether it is the tension between the US and China over Taiwan, or the ongoing border issue between India and China, the debate over fighter jets is a hot topic these days, both nationally and globally. Especially the US bomber b2 (US P-2 Spirit Stealth Bomber), Russian Tu-160 (Russian Tu-160) and the Chinese H-6K bomber (China H-6K Bomber) is in the light. This debate also comes as the Indian Air Force’s purchase of the Russian Tu-160 aircraft heats up. In this chapter we will know how these bombers can change the game of war during the war. What is their specialty? Which countries in the world have these bombers?

What is the difference between strategic and tactical bombing?

1- Bombers or bombers are two types of fighter aircraft. First, strategic and tactical bombing. Bombers or bombers are fighter aircraft tactical bombers usually used during war to target enemy positions or military weapons on their soil. This bomber aircraft will help its army to target close targets around it during the war.

2- Strategic bombers are fighter jets that travel thousands of kilometers and return to attack the enemy’s home. These bombers can attack enemy targets with cruise missiles and nuclear weapons. A strategic bomber is usually used to attack the enemy’s home beyond its range. During the Russia-Ukraine war, the Russian Air Force destroyed many cities in Ukraine through strategic bombing.

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3- The range and capability of a strategic bomber is much greater than that of a tactical bomber. Strategic bombing was first used by Germany to bomb the Belgian city of Liege during World War I. In 1914, Russia bombed the Polish city of Warsaw with a strategic bombing campaign. Besides Germany and Russia, Britain and France used strategic bombing. Strategic bombing was also used in World War II. During this war, Germany used strategic bombers to attack cities in Poland, Britain, and the Soviet Union. At the same time, Britain also targeted German cities such as Berlin. The US used atomic bombs on the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

4- Tactical bombing or air-to-ground bombing was first used during the Italo-Turkish War of 1911-1912. After this, during World War I at the Battle of New Chapel in 1915, the British Royal Flying Corps used tactical bombers to bombard German rail communications. Tactical bombers were also used by German, British, American and Japanese forces during World War II. This is also the biggest difference between tactical and strategic bombing.

Dragon bombs stopped on India-China border

1- The Indian Air Force realized the need for a strategic bomber since the Chinese Air Force’s provocative move to deploy a bomber near the Indian border amid Indo-China border tensions. India can send a strong message not only to China but also to Pakistan through bombing. This is why India is preparing to buy deadly bombers like Tu-160 from Russia. Tubolev Tu-160 A supersonic Russian strategic bomber. It is also known as white swan. NATO calls it Blackjack. This fighter jet is the world’s largest and heaviest fighter jet operating at twice the speed of sound i.e. Mach-2+. Currently, there are only a few US B-1 strategic bombers in its comparison.

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2- China first developed the bomber in the 1970s with help from the Soviet Union. Its base is the Xi’an H-6 bomber, a licensed version of the Soviet Union’s Tu-16 medium-range bomber. China later developed several improved versions of the H-6 bomber. The most recent of these is the H-6K bomber, which was inducted into the Chinese Air Force a few years ago. On November 11 last year, the PLAAF’s 72nd anniversary, Chinese state media broadcast footage of an H-6K bomber flying over Mt. Chinese media reported that the bomber was sent towards the Himalayas.

Edited by: Ramesh Mishra