March 25, 2023

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Russia’s invasion of Ukraine could trigger China-Taiwan conflict, warns WW3 expert

Moscow / Kiev: Millions of soldiers from Russia and Ukraine are fighting head-on with heavy weapons on the border. The sound of fierce war is beginning to be heard in Europe. NATO countries have also intensified operations to encircle Russia. NATO nations are deploying submarines near Russia, from warplanes to warships. Meanwhile, experts warn that if Russia invades Ukraine, in the future, conflicts will start in every corner of the world and lead to World War III.

Experts say Russia in Eastern Europe does not seem to be retreating in its footsteps and is aggressive. Russia has stationed 100,000 troops on the Ukrainian border. Faced with the threat of a Russian attack, the US State Department has asked citizens at its embassy to leave Ukraine. The USS aircraft carrier USS Harry S Truman is now under NATO control. This is the first time a US aircraft carrier has come under NATO control since the end of the Cold War.
Russia-Ukraine conflict: Russia’s goal is not only to capture Ukraine, what’s Putin’s game? Know the role of America
The United States has ordered 8,500 troops to be on standby
Seeing the growing tension, the United States has ordered its 8500 troops to be on standby. Isabel Saugins, a senior researcher at the Henry Jackson Society of the United States, says any potential conflict in Eastern Europe will not be limited to its borders. This crisis has the potential to spread to every corner of the globe. ” Chinese President Xi Jinping has said he will “monitor” the Ukraine crisis.

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“If Russia invades Ukraine, Xi Jinping can bravely capture Taiwan,” Isabel said. China and Russia believe Taiwan and Ukraine are part of it, respectively. China considers Taiwan as its part and China has repeatedly threatened military action. Recently, China sent 39 disaster warplanes to Taiwan. Jezebel warned that nothing could stop Russia from expanding its sphere of influence.
Russian military tanks and missiles move towards the Ukrainian border, and then Europe stands on the brink of war?
‘Russia threat threatens immaturity’
He said Russia has a history of relations with Latin American countries. No one can stop Russia from entering Africa. Recently, Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister warned that Russia could send troops to Latin America. On the other hand, according to Ukrainian political expert Taras Kuzio, Russia’s threat is a sign of immaturity because they have not been able to achieve their goals through dialogue.

Why is Putin threatening to attack Ukraine?
The reason for the increase in military presence on the border with Ukraine is Putin’s sense of impunity. Putin knows Western political leaders who uphold Russian interests and alliances with Russian companies after leaving office. Western nations have largely imposed code sanctions against Russia’s interference in the 2020 U.S. presidential election and cyber attacks on companies and about 18,000 people working in the U.S. government.

Putin has backed Belarussian President Alexander Lukashenko to quell protests in the capital, Minsk. In many cases, Putin has observed that some key Western political leaders have allied themselves with Russia. These alliances could prevent Western nations from forming a united front against Putin. For example, Gerhard Schrder, the former president of Germany, argued for strategic cooperation between Europe and Russia during his tenure. He then became chairman of the Russian oil company Rosneft in 2017.

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