May 20, 2022

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Russia’s military base: Why is NATO afraid of Russia’s 223 km area in the Baltic Sea? Learn all about Kaliningrad – What do you know about Kaliningrad that carried out Russia 9k720 Iskander’s simulated nuclear missile attacks?

Moscow: Ukraine crisis (Russia-Ukraine crisisBetween Russia’s nuclear strike exercises (Russia nuclear attack) Has caused panic around the world. This exercise was called the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy (Russian Navy Baltic Navy) Is Kaliningrad ,Russian military base in Kaliningrad) Carried out. Kaliningrad (Map of Kaliningrad) The Russian military base is located between EU members Poland and Lithuania. The place covers an area of ​​about 223 square kilometers. The Russian Defense Ministry has said that the army attacked Kaliningrad with a nuclear-capable Iskander missile. The Iskander missile system was first used in the region in 2016. Subsequently, Russia upgraded this system in 2018 to take into account its needs. In such a situation Kaliningrad is much discussed these days.

Headquarters of the Baltic Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy
The Baltic Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy is headquartered in Kaliningrad. The Russian army is engaged in daily training at this military base. In the winter of 2021, Russia conducted a major military exercise, Japat-21, in Kaliningrad. Kaliningrad is currently one of the 46 administrative regions of Russia, but it is the only region that has no direct connection with the mainland of Russia. It has Lithuania in one direction and Poland in the other, with the Baltic Sea in the north. Kaliningrad has historically been part of the Russian Empire. Its roots are connected to eastern Prussia and its capital, Kனnigsberg.

800 years old history of Kaliningrad
Koenigsberg was founded in 1255 by the Dutonic Knights. This place later came under the control of the German army, but it became equally famous as the philosopher Emmanuel Kant. Kant lived in Kிக்nigsberg for the rest of his life. This place is associated with the famous philosopher Hannah Arendt. Here, as in other parts of Europe, war and peace shattered the local ethnic system and political boundaries. After World War I, East Prussia seceded from Germany, creating the free check of Dansik and establishing the Polish corridor.

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Russia defeated Nazi Germany and captured Kaliningrad
Nevertheless, the area remained under German rule until the end of World War II. In early 945, the Soviet Red Army defeated Germany and occupied the area. Later, at the Yalta Conference, it was agreed to divide the territory between Poland and the Soviet Union. It was then formally recognized by both countries in 1945 at the Big Three (Russia, the United States and Britain) meeting in Bostom. Stalin transformed the city of Koniksberg and its environs into part of Russia. Stalin was later renamed in memory of Mikhail Kalin, President of the Poseidon of the Supreme Soviet Union and President of the Soviet Union.

Russia’s nuclear weapons training: Russia trains nuclear weapons amid Ukraine war, world shocked by Putin’s tough stance
The Russians were resettled after the Germans were expelled
Kaliningrad was predominantly German, police, Lithuanian and Jewish. Seeing this as a threat, Stalin began to expel the Germans from the area. After this, the Soviet Union launched a special campaign to resettle the entire Russian population. At this time, attempts were made to destroy all traces of German heritage in Kaliningrad. After the fall of communism, the region regained its Soviet heritage in 1996 with the special economic package of the Russian government. The strategic importance of Kaliningrad has increased significantly during recent tensions.

Now Russia and NATO collide in the Black Sea and Baltic Sea, warplanes coming face to face
Kaliningrad is Russia’s main military base against NATO
As for Russia, Kaliningrad is such a military base that it will sink all over Europe. From here, Russia can completely block the movement of European and NATO countries into the Baltic Sea. If there is a future war with NATO, Kaliningrad will be an important launch site for Russian operations. That is why the Russian army is rapidly increasing its military strength in Kaliningrad. During a special military operation in Ukraine, launching a nuclear missile attack from this military base is seen as a direct challenge to NATO.

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