June 2, 2023

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Highlights of the story

  • Attack on the Ukrainian capital
  • Akhmetov is the richest man in Ukraine

Russia-Ukraine war: Russia declared war on Ukraine early Thursday morning after days of fighting. The Russian military subsequently launched a major offensive against Ukraine. Ship and ballistic missile strikes have also been reported in the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. In the midst of all this, Ukraine’s richest man, Rinad Akhmetov, is facing bipolar losses.

Firing on this plant of the Akhmedov Company

According to reports in the local Ukrainian media, the Luhanska TPP plant in the town of Shastiye, near the border, is under constant shelling. It has been reported that a fire broke out at the plant due to this. The communication transformer was damaged in the shooting. In addition, there was a loss of oxygen and two units. Electricity has been cut off in several parts of the Shastiye and Luhanskaya areas as the plant has been affected.

Akhmetov is the owner of Ukraine’s largest energy company

The plant is owned by Ditech Energy, owned by Rinad Akhmetov. The plant is the only source of thermal energy in the entire Luhansk region. DTEK is the largest energy company in Ukraine. In addition to wind and solar power, the company operates thermal power plants. It is considered one of the most important electricity suppliers in Ukraine. The shooting at the plant not only left locals stranded without electricity in the bitter cold, but Akhmedo is also suffering greatly.

Wealth was greatly reduced by the war

According to the Bloomberg Billionaires Index, Rinat Akhmetov currently has a net worth of $ 9.53 billion. He is ranked 229th in the list of the richest people in the world. Akhmeto’s property value has dropped by $ 863 million in the last two days. Akhmetov, who is considered the architect of the Joint Football League of Ukraine and Russia, suffered a $ 2.14 billion loss last year due to the tension.

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He was charged with conspiracy

According to local media, Akhmedo’s relations with the current President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zhelensky are not good. Zhelensky accused Akhmetov last year of trying to plot with Russia. According to the president, the deal is worth $ 1 billion. However, Akhmetov called the allegations a blatant lie. He said he would always defend an independent Ukraine, a free economy, democracy and freedom of expression.