May 24, 2022

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Said- This is not our hijab, the face was kept open during the show. Afghan women protest against Taliban burqa order

Kabul7 hours ago

Women struggle against Taliban’s Burda order in Afghanistan. Women also kept their faces open during a demonstration in Kabul. They raised slogans of ‘justice, justice’ in the streets.

Sayra Sama Alimiar, one of the women involved in the struggle, said – we are human beings, we want to live the same way. We do not want anyone to imprison us in a corner of the house like an animal. Why is it mandatory to cover face and body completely in public places? The women involved in the struggle said the burqa was not our hijab. After all, why can we hide ourselves completely and be safe?

Taliban militants tried to stop it
At the same time, when women protested in the streets of Kabul, Taliban militants tried to stop them. He also banned journalists from covering the incident.

The Taliban have always taken a radical stance on women. This photo was taken in August 2001, in which a Taliban militant attacks a woman after removing her burqa.

What is the burqa order of the Taliban?
The Taliban have issued a new rule for women that women should no longer wear the burqa in public. If a woman does not cover her face outside the home, her father or close male relative will be imprisoned or thrown out of government service.

A spokesman for the Taliban’s Ministry of Taliban’s Promoting Dignity and Preventing Bad Habits’ read out orders from Taliban supreme leader Hibatullah Akuntzada at a news conference in Kabul. The order also states that a blue burqa is best for covering the face. The blue burqa became a symbol of the Taliban’s brutal rule around the world between 1996 and 2001.

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Girls are not allowed to go to school
The Taliban decree, which came into force in Afghanistan, overthrew the Taliban regime and usurped all rights granted to women in 2001. After the capture of Afghanistan in August 2021, the Taliban first began to make changes to the education system. Girls attending high school were banned from going to school. After a while, the Taliban allowed the middle school to reopen, but again it changed its decision and banned girls from going to school again.

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  • The Taliban government has banned women and men from visiting the amusement park on the same day. According to the new order, men can go to the amusement park from Wednesday to Saturday, and women from Sunday to Tuesday, according to the Sputnik news agency. Read the full story …
  • Taliban officials have taken another step aimed at restricting women’s rights. Taliban officials in Herat, Afghanistan, have ordered that all driving companies not issue licenses to women. Read the full story …
  • The Taliban government has issued an order banning women from traveling alone. A Taliban statement said women traveling long distances without male relatives should not be allowed in the car. Read the full story …

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