June 2, 2023

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Saudi Arabia creates a unique city! – Saudi Arabia creates neomy like flying cars and sci-fi movies with artificial moon tlifw

Robots roaming the cities and vehicles flying in the air are no longer talked about in films. Saudi Arabia is now setting up a unique science city in which robots will do everything from your safety to the wheel, the car will fly in the air, the artificial clouds will rain water. Also, there will be an artificial moon in this city, which will come out every night. Built at a cost of $ 500 billion, the city will be 17 times larger than London.

The city is located in the province of Tabuk in Saudi Arabia and is named ‘Nyom’. The company that bought and hired the proposed city is very ambitious in its plans for Neom, as some of the technologies used in the city have not yet been implemented.

The Ultra Smart City will be ready by 2025

According to Britain’s English daily ‘The Sun’, the city of Nyom will be located on the border of Jordan and Egypt and will be ready to live in by 2025. Neom would be the first such city. It is powered by solar energy and wind.

Neom is like science fiction movies

Prince Mohammed bin Salman, the Crown Prince, the leader of the Naomi, has said the city will become a hub for drone-friendly and robotics development.

City plan documents state that there will be flying taxis in the city. As shown in the science fiction films ‘Blade Runner’ and ‘Back to the Future 2’. It will not rain in Saudi Arabia, but using cloud seating technology, clouds will form over Neom and it will rain.

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Some other bizarre projects for the city include creating a ‘dinosaur robot’ in the Jurassic Park style. A ‘robot martial art’ will be created where robots will fight each other for fun.

This will be the case after Neom is created (Photo- Neom.com)

Saudi Arabia wants to make progress in the Gulf countries

Saudi Arabia wants to overtake its rival Gulf states of the United Arab Emirates and Qatar with this ambitious project. Nyomi wants to become a major business hub by attracting the brightest and best businessmen in the world.

The city’s plan documents state that robots will make the homes of these foreign businessmen.

The artificial moon will be in Nyom

Saudi Arabia also wants to build an artificial moon in Nyom, which will be a milestone in the project. Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman recently announced that he would like to illuminate the city’s proposed Silver Beach with moonlight. However, it is doubtful with what technique this will be done.

Sources close to the project told the Wall Street Journal that engineers had not yet figured out a way to safely install an artificial moon on Nyom.

Neom announced in 2017

Saudi announced the construction of NEOM at the Future Investment Initiative Conference in Riyadh, 2017. Speaking at the event, Mark Roybert, CEO of Boston Dynamics, a robotics company, said robots could also be used for security in big cities.

He said robots can do many things, including security, logistics, home delivery, care for the elderly and the infirm.

Niomin Flying Drone Taxi (Photo-Reuters)

The condition of the workers involved in the construction of the neo is bad

The ambitious metropolitan norm is being built by thousands of workers. These workers are said to be in poor condition. It is said that only 6 workers were given a room to sleep.

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Human rights activists have called on Western nations to boycott the project because of Saudi Arabia’s poor human rights record. Demands by human rights activists have intensified since the 2018 assassination of Washington Post journalist Jamal Kashoki in Istanbul. Kashoghi was killed at the Saudi embassy in Turkey. Kashogi’s assassination was criticized by world leaders.

People migrated to settle in the city

If the reports are to be believed, the tribes there were forcibly removed to settle Neom. Elijah Alhavetti, a member of the Huwaidi tribe, has also been displaced by the NEOM project. It’s like a complete disaster, I’m disappointed. ‘

Elijah’s cousin, Abdul Rahim al-Huwaidi, was killed last year by a similar plot. When his house was looted, he tried his best to save him and was killed. Elijah now lives in the UK. He also said that he was not trying to stop the project by targeting Western countries for human rights violations.

Saudi Arabia is set to take a historic step towards Nyom

Saudi Arabia has not refused to allow alcohol in Neom. The move would be historic for a conservative Muslim country like Saudi Arabia. Alcohol is completely banned in the Gulf country.

NEOM is part of Prince Salman’s Vision 2030 to diversify Saudi Arabia’s oil-based economy. Neom will have its own frame, which is now being prepared.

Joseph Bradley, CEO of NEOM’s Technology and Digital Holdings, said the new law did not guarantee that liquor would be allowed, but that everyone understood the need to attract foreign talent and tourists. Neom said the law will be approved in a couple of years.

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After becoming crown prince in 2017, Prince Mohammed made a number of reforms, including the removal of the ban on women driving. Prince Salman also controlled the powers of religious figures.

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