October 2, 2022

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Saudi Arabia: Woman sentenced to 34 years in prison for tweeting – Salma Al Shebab A woman from Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 34 years in prison.

Salma Al-Shebab from Saudi Arabia has been sentenced to 34 years in prison. After the sentence, Salma will also face a 34-year travel ban.

Salma al-Shebaab had retweeted several tweets from her Twitter account regarding the rights of Saudi women. Salma advocated for the release of several female activists, including imprisoned activist Loujain al-Hadlol.

The Saudi government has accused him of trying to incite public unrest through Twitter, the Daily Mail reported. The Saudi Arabian Terrorism Court sentenced him to 34 years in prison.

Salma has two children. One of them is 4 years old and the other is 6 years old. He was earlier sentenced to 6 years in prison. But on Monday, the Saudi terrorism court increased his sentence to 34 years. Salma’s sentence will be followed by a 34-year travel ban.

When the court sentenced Salma, her tweets and social media activities were also discussed. Salma had called for the release of imprisoned women activists, chief among them Loujain al-Hathloul.

Which tweet caused a stir
Salma had retweeted a tweet by Lina, sister of activist Loujain Al-Hadlol. In this tweet, Lina demanded the release of her sister Loujain al-Hathloul. At the same time, Salma also retweeted tweets from activists who disagreed with Saudis living in exile.

The arrest took place in January 2021
Salma was arrested in January 2021 while on vacation in Saudi Arabia. He lived in England and received his doctorate from the University of Leeds. Salma is a Shia Muslim.

The statement of Dr. Bethneh Al Haidari has also come to light in this matter. He is the Saudi case manager at the ‘Human Rights Organization’ in the US. Dr. Al Haidari said that the Saudis are bragging to the world that work is being done for women’s interests, women’s status is improving, and legal reforms are underway. But the way Salma has been sentenced, one thing is clear that the situation is getting worse day by day.

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