June 2, 2023

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Six of the 11 international flights that landed from dangerous countries were found to be 19 positive

New Delhi, JNN / Agencies. The government has taken a major step to prevent the entry of Corona’s new variant, Omigron, into the country. The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has decided not to resume international flights from December 15. Meanwhile, a total of 11 international flights landed from ‘risk category’ countries at various airports in the country except Lucknow from midnight on Wednesday to 4 pm, according to information shared by the federal government. There were 3476 passengers on board. All underwent RT-PCR testing, in which six passengers were diagnosed with corona infection. All these samples are sent to the respective laboratories for genetic sequencing.

The DGCA has taken drastic measures

According to news agency PTI, the DGCA has decided not to restart international flights from December 15, recognizing the risks of Kovit’s new variant of Omicron. The move comes in the wake of the release of Corona’s new variant ‘Omigron’. The DGCA took the decision after Prime Minister Narendra Modi instructed the authorities on November 27. At the same time, it is reassuring that the number of corona victims in the country continues to decline.

Precautionary measures taken so far

  • Procedures for mandating RT-PCR testing for international travelers
  • Decision to send samples of victims from abroad for genetic sorting
  • For genetic sorting, it is advisable to send samples of the affected individuals immediately
  • Procedures for strict monitoring of travelers from hazardous countries
  • The Interior Ministry has advised states to crack down on foreign travelers
  • Instructions to the authorities at airports and ports in accordance with the strict Govt
  • In 15 days in Mumbai, 1000 travelers from African countries, 100 people are waiting for the investigation and report
  • Bharat Biotech launches research to test the effect of Kovacs on Omigran
  • The Union Home Ministry has extended the guidelines regarding Corona till December 31
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Central guidelines

According to the guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Health, only passengers from high-risk countries are required to undergo an RT-PCR test before leaving the airport or boarding a connecting flight and are asked to remain there until further notice. RT-PCR testing is not mandatory for travelers from countries other than high-risk countries, but they must take care of their own health for 14 days. However, five percent of travelers from these countries will be tested for RT-PCR so that the virus can be detected. They will also be allowed to leave the airport after submitting the samples.

11 countries are at high risk

According to a list updated by the government on November 26, 11 countries have been placed on the risk list. This includes the UK and EU countries, South Africa, Brazil, Botswana, China, Mauritius, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Israel and Hong Kong. Earlier the list also included the name of Bangladesh, but it was removed from the list on Tuesday.

The virus has spread to more than twenty countries

The Omigran variant, first identified in South Africa, spread to two dozen countries within a week. No case has been detected in India so far, but international travelers are being closely monitored.

Objections to the individual guidelines of the Government of Maharashtra

As surveillance has increased at all international and domestic airports in the country, including the national capital, the Center has expressed deep concern over the Government of Maharashtra’s individual guidelines for international travelers. Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan has written to Maharashtra Health Additional Chief Secretary Pradeep Kumar Vyas asking him to bring in state guidelines as per the guidelines of the Union Health Ministry. In addition, it is advisable to advertise widely so as not to confuse the passengers.

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Guidelines of the Government of Maharashtra

The Maharashtra government has made it mandatory for all international passengers to undergo RT-PCR testing at the Mumbai airport in the guidelines issued on Tuesday. In addition, the rule was created that all passengers must be in compulsory home isolation for 14 days, even if the RT-PCR test is negative. Passengers traveling on connecting flights from Mumbai Airport will also have to undergo an RT-PCR test and will be allowed to travel only after receiving a negative report. The biggest thing is that Maharashtra also issued a negative RT-PCR report 48 hours ago to travelers coming from other states. Whereas there is no such compulsion in any state within the country.

Six passengers from dangerous countries were diagnosed with the infection

As of 4 pm on Wednesday, a total of 3,476 passengers on 11 flights from countries at risk landed at various airports in the country except Lucknow, according to the Union Health Ministry. All of these passengers at airports underwent RT-PCR testing, of which six were diagnosed with corona infection. Their samples have been sent to Insacag’s laboratories for genetic sorting. This will indicate if any of these are affected by the Omigron variant.

Corona situation in the country

8,954 new cases in 24 hours

The total number of active cases is 99,023

80.78 lakh vaccines in 24 hours

Total vaccinations 124.77 crore

Best November

November was somewhat better in the fight against the corona epidemic. For the first time since May last year, the lowest number of cases of corona infection was reported in November at 3.1 lakh. The number of monthly infection cases also dropped for the sixth consecutive month in November.

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Decline in active cases

After 547 days, the number of active cases has dropped to less than one lakh, according to data updated by the Federal Ministry of Health at 8am on Wednesday. In the last 24 hours, there has been a decline of more than one and a half thousand active cases, and their number has now dropped to 99,023, which is 0.29 per cent of the total cases. During this period, 8,954 new cases were detected and 267 people died, including 177 deaths in Kerala alone and 35 deaths from Maharashtra.

Corona condition until 08:00 a.m. Wednesday

New cases 8,954

Total cases 3,45,96,776

99,023 active cases

Deaths (within 24 hours) 267

Total deaths 4,69,247

The recovery rate is 98.36 percent

The mortality rate was 1.36 percent

The positive ratio was 0.81 percent

S. positivity rate 0.84 percent

A total dose of 124.77 crore was given

A total of 124.77 crore doses of anti-corona vaccines have been administered so far, according to data from the Gov. portal as of 6 p.m. This includes the first dose of 79.22 crore and the second dose of 45.54 crore.

72 nursing students from Kerala have been affected in Mysore

In Mysore, Karnataka, 72 nursing students from Kerala have been affected by corona. These two students belong to two companies. In the aftermath of the incident, the district administration has ordered an investigation into at least 5,000 people who have been in contact with these students so that the spread of the infection can be prevented. RT-PCR testing is also mandatory for those coming to Mysore from Kerala.