August 10, 2022

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Social Democrat leader Anderson becomes Sweden’s first female prime minister, but immediately loses the budget vote

Copenhagen, AB. Sweden’s first female prime minister, Magdalena Anderson, was forced to resign just hours after taking office. In fact, Anderson’s government was defeated in parliament by a budget proposal and one party split from his minority government. Mentelon replaced Stephen Lofven as Prime Minister. In fact, Lofven resigned as prime minister earlier this year. Joffen is currently the caretaker Prime Minister. Anderson was previously finance minister.

Annoyed by the question raised about legitimacy

At the press conference, Anderson said he was proud to be prime minister. But he also does not want to lead a government that would question the legitimacy of the government. He said if a party splits from the government, the coalition government should resign. Although the position of Parliament has not changed, it should be tried again.

Sweden’s parliament on Wednesday elected Anderson’s first female prime minister. Sweden’s 349 – member parliament voted 117 in favor of Anderson and 174 against. According to Sweden’s constitution, if 175 MPs are not against a candidate, he can be appointed prime minister.