March 25, 2023

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South African doctor Unben Pillai Dilif says Omigron patients suffered from night sweats during Govt infection.

Highlights of the story

  • Previous victims have also been affected by Omigran
  • Omicron threat to those who have been vaccinated

The most dangerous aspect of a viral infection is its severity. The delta variant of Govit-19 has wreaked havoc in countries around the world, including India. The infection of the delta variant was very high. In this, patients experienced mild and severe symptoms. They had symptoms such as high fever, persistent cough, shortness of breath, chest pain, and lack of oxygen in the blood. Now the Corona’s new Omicron variant has become a new problem in front of the world. Different types of claims are made regarding its severity, rate of spread and symptoms.

The WHO (World Health Organization) says the new Omigron variant could easily affect those previously infected. Also, those who received the two-dose vaccine were not protected against Omicron. How dangerous the Omicron variant is will become clear in a few more days or weeks. So far, doctors and scientists around the world have said that Omigran has many symptoms.

Night sweats and body aches– Dr. Anben Pillai, General Practitioner, Department of Health, South Africa, says that patients affected by Omigran may complain of night sweats. Sometimes the patient sweats so much that his clothes or even the bed gets wet. Victims may sweat even in a cold place. Apart from this, the patient may complain of pain in the body.

Dry cough and body achesDr. Unben Pillai says that a patient with Omicron disease also showed symptoms of dry cough. These symptoms are found in all older strains of the corona so far. Apart from this, fever and muscle aches may also be symptoms of omigran.

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throat pain- Earlier, South African doctor Angelike Coetzee said that people with Omicron had a sore throat instead of a sore throat, which was unusual. These two symptoms may be almost identical. However, the problem of peeling in the throat can be very painful.

Mild feverThere have been frequent complaints of mild or high fever with some variation of the corona. Dr. Kotzi says that in Omigran infection, the patient may have a mild fever, in which the body temperature automatically returns to normal.

FatigueLike all previous types, Omicron can make the patient very tired. In this, the energy level of the affected person is greatly reduced. Instead of ignoring this symptom found in the body, get tested for Govit-19 immediately.