June 2, 2023

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South China Sea dispute: Xi Jinping says China does not seek dominance over Southeast Asian leaders


  • Chinese President Xi Jinping gave ‘knowledge’ about peace at the ASEAN meeting
  • Jinping says China will never dominate Southeast Asia
  • The aggressive attitude of the Chinese navy proves that Jinping’s claims are false.

President of China Xi Jinping Explains the tension in the South China Sea. He said China would never try to dominate Southeast Asia. In addition, the Chinese president said his country would not force small neighbors. These statements made by Jinping during his speech at the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) meeting have taken the world by surprise.

What did Jinping say?
According to Xinhua, China’s state-run news agency, China strongly opposes dictatorship and the politics of power. He wants to maintain friendships with his neighbors. China stands for the collective maintenance of lasting peace in the region, which of course cannot dominate or repress small countries.

How true is Xi Jinping’s claim?
This claim by Xi Jinping appears to be false due to the aggressive actions of the Chinese military. The Chinese military is on high alert throughout the region. Not only this but the last few days the Chinese army has been pouring water on two boats in the Philippines. The boat was carrying supplies for the Philippine military. Earlier, China had stationed its aircraft carriers in the South and East China Sea, patrolling very close to Japan.

Where is the South China Sea?
The South China Sea is located on the western edge of the Pacific Ocean. The southeastern part of China touches this sea. Vietnam is located on the east coast of this sea and the west coast is occupied by the Philippines. Taiwan is located in the northern part of the South China Sea. The sea is connected to the Gulf of Thailand and the Philippine Sea. China owns 80 percent of the South China Sea.

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Why does China want to assert its rights?
The region is connected to many countries and is one of the busiest sea routes in the world. This route carries about 20 percent of the world’s total maritime trade. Its total value is about $ 5 trillion. In such a scenario, whichever country dominates the region will become economically and strategically powerful. According to a report, there are 11 billion barrels of natural gas and vast reserves of oil and coral in the ocean.

China is in conflict with the Philippines over the islands
The South China Morning Post quoted Manila-based security analyst Jose Antonio Custodio as saying that if a war broke out in the region, the Philippines would be controlled by the United States. The government here cannot refuse to obey any order of the United States. The military in this country is weak and the foreign policy is not good. It is one of the two major allies of the United States in Southeast Asia.

Everyone knows that China-Taiwan enmity
Taiwan will also openly support the United States. Its enmity with China’s mainland is clear. Currently, the Chinese military is conducting large-scale maneuvers in the Gulf of Taiwan. Chinese warplanes and spy planes try to enter Taiwanese airspace every day. Taiwan relies entirely on the United States for its security. There can be no doubt that Taiwan will not support the United States in this situation.

China’s dispute with Indonesia
Indonesia and China have disputes over the islands. A few days ago, the Indonesian navy chased a Chinese Coast Guard boat that had entered its maritime territory for three days. Indonesia, on the other hand, is increasing its use of the Chinese currency, the yuan. This is part of Jinping’s ambitious Belt and Road initiative. In such a situation it is difficult to say who Indonesia is going to favor. In this situation he is likely to accept that he is neutral.