November 30, 2022

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South Korea is set to set up a task force to consider banning dog meat

Soul. South Korea In the country Dog consumption in South Korea The South Korean government has said it is considering setting up a task force to consider banning the consumption of dog meat. The ban on dog meat comes amid ongoing debate over animal rights in South Korea and the controversial practice of killing dogs for food. Some time ago South Korean President Moon Jae-in About two months ago, the company offered to consider changing the old-fashioned eating habits of dog meat in the country.

In fact, restaurants selling dog meat in South Korea are on the verge of closing because young people do not like to eat dog meat. Pets (dogs, cats, etc.) The trend is increasing. Despite that, people too Dog meat Do not eat, but more and more people are against banning it. In a joint statement issued by seven government departments, including the Ministry of Agriculture, we have decided to set up a panel of officials, civil / civil experts and related bodies to discuss the possibility of banning dog meat. The report also said that the administration would collect information from dog farms, restaurants and other places and seek public opinion on the matter.

The connection of dog meat with masculinity
According to a report, dog meat was consumed during the Goryeo and Joseon dynasties of South Korea. At that time, dog meat was obtained more easily than pork and beef. Since then dog meat has been associated with masculinity and a powerful section of society. It is said that those who eat dog meat will gain strength.

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Will dog meat really be banned?
This is South Korea’s first attempt, but the government says full training does not mean banning dog meat. However, due to this lenient attitude of the government, it is facing criticism from both dog owners and animal rights activists.

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According to Joe Yangpang, general secretary of the Dog Farmers Association, about 1 to 1.5 million dogs are killed each year in South Korea for food purposes. 10-20 years ago their number was several lakhs. Currently thousands of farmers in the country raise 10 to 20 lakh dogs every year for meat.

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