October 4, 2022

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Sri Lanka Fertilizer China: Sri Lanka Fertilizer China News Today Latest News: India ‘Chowk’ Attacks Sri Lanka In Conflict With China, Air Force Planes Arrive With 100 Tons Of Fertilizer


  • India sends 100 tons of nitrogen fertilizer to Sri Lanka
  • Two Air Force C-17 Globemasters arrived in Sri Lanka with cargo
  • Sri Lanka refuses to accept Chinese polluted fertilizer

New Delhi
India has sent 100 tonnes of nano nitrogen fertilizer to Sri Lanka amid controversy with China over contaminated fertilizer. According to a statement issued by the Embassy of India, two C-17 Globemaster aircraft of the Indian Air Force delivered 100 tons of nitrogen fertilizer to Sri Lanka. India has taken this step after the issue of contaminated sugar fertilizer came to light in Sri Lanka. The Sri Lankan Chamber of Commerce has upheld an order suspending $ 4.9 million in payments to a Chinese company for being found to be contaminated with organic fertilizer.

Sri Lanka thanks India
The Indian Embassy said the operations of the C17 were coordinated with the Sri Lanka Air Force. The rapid dispatch of Indian Air Force aircraft and the rapid distribution of fertilizers overnight reflect the close coordination between the two countries. Sri Lanka Air Force Chief of Staff AVM Prasanna Payo welcomed the Indian Air Force personnel. The Sri Lankan side thanked the Indian Air Force for its prompt response and continued support in urgent matters.
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China refused to take compost
An order to stop the payment was issued following the discovery of contamination in an organic fertilizer test sent by China’s Qingdao Siwin Biotech. Sri Lanka had rejected the products of the Chinese Fertilizer Company, claiming that the fertilizer had been found to be contaminated by an investigation by the National Plant Isolation Service. Sri Lanka does not even allow the unloading of this polluted manure into its ports. Following the dispute, the cargo ship was diverted to Singapore from Qingdao port.

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China had opposed Sri Lanka’s move
The Chinese embassy in Colombo protested the Sri Lankan government’s move, saying both sides should re-inspect samples from the Swiss SGS team if the samples were found to be contaminated. In addition, the People’s Bank of Sri Lanka was banned on October 29 for non-payment. People’s Bank said it was legally bound by the court order. He said he would issue an order for payment as soon as the court injunctions were lifted.

Sri Lanka