March 27, 2023

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Sri Lanka Pakistan | Sri Lankan factory manager burnt alive by Pakistani workers in Sialkot In Pakistan, workers who broke the arms and legs of Sri Lankans accused of insulting the Prophet were later burned alive.

Sialkot / Islamabad5 minutes ago

Workers at a factory in Sialkot, Pakistan, burned their manager alive in the middle of the road. The manager is a Sri Lankan. His name is described as Priyantha Kumara. According to the Baltistan Times, Priyantha was accused of insulting the Prophet Muhammad. The entire area has been sealed since the incident.

A similar incident took place in Pakistan in 2010. Priyantha recently joined this factory in Sialkot as Export Manager. The equipment for the Pakistan T20 team was manufactured at the factory where Priyantha worked.

They were first expelled from the factory and then set on fire
According to ‘The Dawn News’, the incident took place on Friday afternoon. The multinational factory is located at Wazirabad Road, Sialkot. Thus there was a sudden stir here. Here, the export manager of the factory was first taken out by a mob of workers and beaten. When he died, he was burned on the road. Sialkot police officer Umar Saeed Malik said the name of the victim was Priyantha Kumara. He is a citizen of Sri Lanka.

A video of the incident has been released. Some can be seen beating someone first and then burning them.

The minister said those responsible would not escape
The video of the incident is going viral on social media. Some can be seen beating someone first and then burning them. Slogans are also heard during this time. Commenting on the incident, Punjab Chief Minister Usman Bustar said, “It is a shocking incident. I have called for its report. A high-level inquiry will be held into the matter. Those responsible for this will not escape for any reason. Top state officials will investigate.

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Defamation allegations are suspected
A similar incident took place in Sialkot in 2010. The mob then burned both brothers alive, claiming they were robbers. Related videos were also released. It is feared that Priyantha may have been accused of blasphemy. Similar allegations have been made in several cases in Pakistan.

If you listen carefully to the slogans that come up in the viral videos on social websites, it seems that this incident was carried out on the charge of blasphemy. It is usually chanted as Pakistan Tehreek-e-Lab (TLP) supporters do. The French ambassador recently marched to demand his removal from the country. Of these, 12 policemen were killed.

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