June 29, 2022

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Surrender in 72 hours … Putin’s claim proved to be just a dream Ukraine gave him water.

Highlights of the story

  • Kiev’s dream was abandoned, and many parts of Ukraine fled
  • Inflation in Russia beats record, unemployment rises

Today is exactly two months and 15 days since Ukraine was invaded by Russia. In such a scenario where Russia would elect and a new government would be formed in Ukraine, it was said that Ukraine would surrender within 72 hours. But 72 hours and 85 days have passed, and Putin has yet to say whether he has won the war or is on the verge of victory. The victory march was announced on May 9, and that date has arrived. Russia has certainly shown a great deal of success. This opinion is generated by the government-controlled media.

Every plan of Putin failed

All the missions set by Vladimir Putin since the beginning of the war have failed. The first objective was the 72-hour demand, which ended as soon as the war began. Following this, work began on Plan Pik, under which arrangements were made to capture the Ukrainian capital, Kiev. Putin wanted to achieve this task somehow. The Russian army also besieged Kiev. But even here, President Putin’s guess is proving to be completely wrong. Due to the shortage of troops and poor leadership, the Ukrainian militants covered them up, and to this day Kiev remains safe from Russia. Speaking of the areas around Kiev, Russia has only had success there in Mariupol and Kerson.

Where was it captured and where was Ukraine expelled?

After the failure of two projects, President Vladimir Putin also had a plan, whose work is still ongoing. Under that strategy, Russia has now abandoned Kiev’s dream. Even in parts of northern Ukraine, it is no longer in a state of occupation. In such a situation, the new aim of the Russian troops is to attack southern Ukraine and the Donbass region. Russian troops are rapidly attacking these areas, and experts believe the war could extend as far as Odessa, in the southeastern part of Ukraine. If this happens, Ukraine may close the sea route. So far, Putin has not succeeded in this task, but work on the project is still ongoing. Russia has also been carrying out attacks in the eastern Ukrainian cities of Enjim, Kurulka and Prazhkivka.

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Russia claims to have occupied Donbass, Kherson and Mariupol. At the same time, Russia has already recognized Donetsk and Luhansk as separate states before the war. But Russia cannot surrender Ukraine on the basis of these areas alone. Because of this the war is now turning south.

Soldiers die, thousands of tanks destroyed

From the beginning of the war, Ukraine was considered a weak power before Russia. But so far in the war Ukrainian militants have killed several Russian military officers. According to figures released by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on the 72nd day of the war, Russia lost 24,900 soldiers, 1,110 tanks and 199 aircraft in the war. At the same time, 155 Russian helicopters, 2,686 armored vehicles and 502 artillery systems were destroyed.

Apart from this, Russia has lost many of its talented soldiers in this war. These are all Putin’s most trusted players. At the top of the list is 25-year-old Pato Pasanov. Last year, when Russia’s T-72B3 team participated in the Tank Biathlon, Pato Pasano’s performance in 19 countries was outstanding. In addition, on April 20, Russia lost its top commander, Mikhail Kishvik.

What is the impact on Ukraine?

But Ukraine also suffered heavy casualties from Russian attacks in this war. In defiance of all promises, Russia has repeatedly carried out attacks on residential areas in Ukraine. A large number of civilians have been killed as a result. According to a report released by the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), 3,280 Ukrainian civilians have been killed so far in the war, including 231 children. Apart from this, there has been a large-scale settlement in Ukraine. Statistics show that more than 58 lakh people have migrated to neighboring countries. Here, too, people have increasingly migrated to Poland, and then to Romania and Hungary.

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Destroyed the Russian economy

In fact, not only has Russia lost its troops as a result of this war, but its economy is on the brink of destruction. Putin had previously said that sanctions imposed by Western countries would have no effect, and is now beginning to show its impact on the ground. Russia has suffered a setback in all the parameters on which the health of the economy has been tested.

Talk about the highest inflation rate since 2002. Inflation in Russia currently stands at 17.3 percent. Drinking water prices have risen by 35 per cent, while vegetable prices have risen by 30 to 50 per cent. Apart from this unemployment has also become a big issue in this developed country. The war has paralyzed the work of many foreign companies and more than two lakh people have lost their jobs. In addition, more than 300 large companies have closed their businesses in Russia. This includes big companies like Starbucks, McDonald’s, Apple and Indian company Infosys.

Apart from all this, another sword is hanging over the Russian economy. If the EU and Britain impose sanctions on Russia’s oil and natural gas, the economy could shrink by 20 percent. Now Putin’s imagination, wrong decisions and overconfidence are said to be the cause of this poor functioning of the Russian economy. US President Joe Biden said in his speech that the Russian people should remember that Vladimir Putin alone is responsible for the destruction of their economy.