June 2, 2023

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Taiwan’s focus on hosting Japan’s Quad Summit 2022 – International News in Hindi

The next meeting of the Quad Group will be held in Japan in 2022, said Kurt Campbell, White House Indo-Pacific Regional Coordinator. This is the second meeting of the Quad Group, which will feature top leaders from India, the United States, Japan and Australia. It is a group of four countries opposed to China’s growing aggression in the Indo-Pacific and beyond. Although it is not official, security and geopolitical experts and analysts believe so.

Campbell did not describe the quad group meeting to be held in Japan, but according to Japanese media reports, the meeting could be held in early spring 2022. According to Campbell, India is the most important country in the Quad Group. Washington is committed to improving its relations with New Delhi. I am very optimistic about India and I think we all recognize that India is the most important member of this group. He also said that India would play a key role in the 21st. Countries like India and Vietnam will write the future story of Asia.

A separate session on Taiwan at the Quad meeting is possible. The US State Department said Taiwan was increasing pressure from China, so an economic dialogue session with Taiwan would be held at the Quad meeting.

The Japan Times reports that US President Joe Biden will also attend the Quad meeting. This is his first visit to Japan since taking office. With this, it is the first time that Japan’s new Prime Minister Fumio Kishida has attended a quad meeting. We are pleased to announce that the first individual summit of the Quad Group was organized by Washington in September this year. At the meeting, the four countries pledged independence and an open Indo-Pacific region.

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