March 25, 2023

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Taliban maneuver to gain recognition, ban on forced marriages of women in Afghanistan – Taliban Hibatullah Agunsada bans forced marriages of women in Afghanistan NTC

Highlights of the story

  • The main decision of the Taliban in favor of women
  • Forced marriage of women is prohibited

The Taliban, which frequently imposes restrictions on women, has now made a major decision in favor of women. The Taliban has said it has decided to end forced marriage of women in Afghanistan. However, the Taliban’s decision is also seen as a ploy to gain recognition from developed countries.

The decision was announced by the Taliban’s top leader Hibatullah Agunsada. In August, the Taliban captured Afghanistan. But, as yet unrecognized, all facilities and funds from abroad are cut off and the country stands on the brink of poverty.

In his declaration, Agunsada said, ‘Both (women and men) should be equal. No one can force women to marry by force or coercion.

Due to poverty and conservative thinking, forced marriage of women has become commonplace in Afghanistan. Many people marry off their daughters to support their families and pay off debts. An order issued by the Taliban prohibits forced marriage, but does not specify a minimum age yet. Previously it was fixed at 16 years.

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Women have been used as property in Afghanistan for decades. In exchange for murder or to end a fight, women also get married. But the Taliban have now said they oppose the practice.

Widows also had the freedom to choose the husband of their choice

The Taliban have said that if a woman’s husband dies, she can remarry after 17 weeks. The custom that a woman can only marry her husband’s brother or any relative if her husband dies has been around for a long time, but now that the widow is free, the Taliban say she can choose. Husband.

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The Taliban has also said it has ordered Afghan courts to treat women, especially widows, fairly.

The Taliban issued the order after thousands of girls in grades 7 to 12 could not go to school. Not only this, the Taliban have also banned working women from returning to work after coming to power.