May 20, 2022

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Taliban-Pakistan border dispute: The Taliban broke the fence known as the Durant Line in front of the Pakistani army on the Afghanistan-Pakistan border


  • The Taliban again destroyed the fence on the Durant Line
  • The Taliban loaded the truck on the fence and the Pakistani army could do nothing
  • The Taliban have threatened the Pakistani army, which has cordoned off the border

The border issue between Pakistan and the Taliban is growing. In fact, Pakistan calls the border with Afghanistan the Durant Line, while the Taliban rejects this border. Taliban militants break Pakistani military barricades on the Durand Line. A recent video has emerged of Taliban militants breaking through a fence on the Durant line in southern Afghanistan.

In the video, a truck smashes a border fence where Taliban militants can be seen. The Taliban, who openly helped Pakistan capture Afghanistan, are now becoming even more complicated. The Taliban have threatened the Pakistani military that it is preparing for war if it tries to build a border fence. The Taliban have said they want to fight the Jews with the Pakistani military.

Pakistan Army ‘Backfood’
This is not the first video. In the past, many pictures and videos have been shared on social media proving that Pakistan is ‘behind’ the Taliban. The Durant line is called the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan. The previous Afghan government and the Taliban have long opposed the Durant Line. Earlier this week, Taliban spokesman Jabiullah Mujahid told a Pashto channel in Pakistan that Afghans were opposing Pakistan’s fence on the Durant line.

Pakistan does not consider the Durant Line as a border
The majority of the Pashtuns and Taliban in Afghanistan never considered Fort Durand to be an official border line. Jabiullah Mujahid had said that the new Afghan government would announce its position on the issue. The fence built by Pakistan divides people and families. We want to create a safe and peaceful environment at the border, so there is no need to create barriers.
Taliban threaten Pakistani army, cross Durant fort, war breaks out, fence demolished
How did the Durant Line form?
Abdur Rahman was appointed King of Afghanistan in 1880, two years after the end of the Second Afghan War. During the war, much of Afghanistan was captured by British troops. Abdur Rahman was made king by the British of his own free will. Subsequently his treaty with Sir Durand in 1893 determined the boundaries of his and British India’s influence on the Afghan border with India. Then present day Pakistan was added to India.

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