February 7, 2023

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Taliban Pakistan: Taliban Foreign Minister Amir Khan fools and reaches Islamabad from Pakistan Netizens troll Imran government

The friendship between Pakistan and the Taliban is not hidden from anyone. The alliance is currently emerging after the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. On Wednesday, Foreign Minister Amir Khan, who was in the Taliban government, arrived in Pakistan on a three-day visit. He reached Islamabad to further strengthen ties between the Taliban and Pakistan. Discussions on issues such as the economy also included his visit. What is special is that Mutaki has boarded a Pakistani plane and reached Islamabad.

The video of Muthaki reaching Islamabad has been shared on social media. Of these, the plane he landed on was a PIA (Pakistan International Airlines) aircraft, the state-owned airline of Pakistan. The video is said to have been shared by the Pakistani Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Social media users who watched this video have been trolling the Pakistani government.

‘Big and Drop’ facility for the Taliban
Journalist Nyla Inayat retweeted the video, writing that the Pakistani government is also providing a ‘big and drop’ facility to the Taliban. At the same time, one user asked, ‘But did Imran Khan fly the plane or not?’ Earlier, the Pakistani delegation arrived in Kabul on a one-day visit. Pakistani Foreign Minister Shah Mohammad Qureshi is also involved. Former Vice President of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh questioned the visit, saying that Pakistanis had reached Kabul without an Afghan visa.
Taliban Foreign Minister visits Islamabad from Kabul to ‘confirm friendship’
Muthaki on a three-day trip to Pakistan
Regarding the visit of the Taliban minister, the Pakistani Foreign Ministry had said that Muttahida Qaumi Movement would lead the high-level delegation to Pakistan from November 10-12. The report said talks would focus on increasing trade, cross-border trade, cross-border movement, land and aviation sectors, public relations and regional connectivity, with a special focus on Pakistan-Afghanistan relations. Will happen. ‘