March 25, 2023

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The bill for rapists in Pakistan was passed, protesters said – it is against Islam

Image source, Farooq Naeem

If convicted of multiple rapes in Pakistan, the black man can now be sentenced. Pakistan’s parliament has passed a new bill on rape.

In view of the growing public outcry over the rising number of rapes in Pakistan over the past few years, it has been decided to enact a new draconian law.

An emergency law was introduced in Pakistan last year to sterilize sex offenders. Nearly a year later, the same rules were introduced in a bill passed by a joint sitting of parliament on Wednesday.

The bill states – “Chemical castration is a process approved under the rules created by the Prime Minister, which makes a person incapable of having sex for life, for which the court will order the use of narcotics.” It will be recognized. A medical team. “

But giving to powerless rapists is opposed by hardline Islamic groups.

Jamaat-e-Islami Senator Mushtaq Ahmed said the bill was anti-Islamic and anti-Sharia.

He said the perpetrator of the rape should be hanged in public. But there is no mention of heretics in Sharia.

Chemical castration

Chemical castration is a procedure in which a person’s sexual function is reduced by giving medicine. This drug lowers the hormone testosterone in the body.

In some parts of the world, chemical castration is the norm for infertility.

In 2016 Indonesia is Chemical castration was performed on those involved in sexual offenses against children.

In 2009 There is Poland It was made mandatory for adults who raped children.

In recent years, there has been a growing demand for austerity in relation to the increasing number of sexual assault cases in Pakistan.

Critics point out that in less than 4 percent of cases of rape or sexual assault, the perpetrators lead to sentencing.

Image source, Reuters

Law passed after the Lahore incident

A new law was introduced in Pakistan last year to deal with rape cases.

There was great outrage across the country at the time of the gang-rape in Lahore.

The incident took place on September 8 when two men allegedly raped a woman who was trapped on the road outside Lahore.

The woman, a French national of Pakistani descent, was traveling from Lahore to Lahore with her children when her car broke down.

The woman was standing in the car on the roadside for help when two men attacked her. They robbed and forced the mother in the presence of the children.

Video title,

Pakistan: A case of gang rape that rocked the country

There was great excitement there after this incident came to light. The commotion escalated when a high-ranking police official in Lahore claimed that the woman victim of her gang rape was also partly responsible.

But even after this, the officer came on TV and repeated his opinion. The official said the woman may have felt that Pakistan was as safe as France.

After this, protests began across Pakistan and people took to the streets demanding further improvement in women’s justice and security.

After this, the government should promise to take drastic action. It was only after this, last December, that a new rape law was introduced in Pakistan, which provided for a speedy trial and severe punishment in such cases.

In the Lahore rape case, both the culprits were arrested by the police within a month.

They were tried and sentenced to death in March this year.