March 27, 2023

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The crocodile chases the man and cuts off his hand as he enters the lake in defiance of warnings

The crocodile only rules in the water. Crocodiles can keep any predators on the ground under water, and it is not easy for humans to escape from this attack. A Brazilian swimmer was bitten by a crocodile in his hand while swimming in a lake. The incident took place on October 23 at 4:40 pm in the popular tourist destination of Lago da Amore.

Willian Catano captured the crocodile attack on his camera and shared it on social media, after which it went viral. The swimmer ignored several warnings and went underwater before entering the lake full of crocodiles. After walking about 30 meters in the lake, a crocodile started coming near him. Seeing this horrible scene he realized his mistake.

The crocodile was able to attack
He returned quickly to come ashore, but it was too late. The crocodile came and attacked him. The swimmer’s ingenuity saved his life in the attack, but the crocodile was able to bite his hand. Kadano, who shared the video, said, ‘I was surprised to see a crocodile start chasing him. He tried to run, but the crocodile reached him and bit his hand.
The hunter who tore the crocodile’s stomach and turned it into a 6,000-year-old ‘treasure’ was stunned.
This is the first such incident in five years
He wrote, ‘When the man came out of the water, there was bleeding all over his arm. Very frightened, he said he did not know there was a crocodile in the water. A woman who set up shop on the lake said she saw someone go underwater for the first time in five years. In the video, you can see the swimmer coming out of the water after the attack and looking at the hand. He sustained no serious injuries, but emergency medical services were called to the scene.

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