March 27, 2023

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The fetus had been growing in the woman’s womb for 35 years! Doctors shocked to find 4.5 pound ‘stone baby’ – Doctors shocked to find stone baby fetus in grandmother’s stomach with abdominal pain tstf

Highlights of the story

  • The old woman had come for treatment for abdominal pain
  • The doctors who saw the x-ray were shocked
  • The fetus was in the woman’s womb for 3 decades.

A ‘stone baby’ was found in the stomach of a 73-year-old Algerian woman. The doctors came to know about this only after the X-ray examination. This stone was in the woman’s stomach for 35 years. At the inquest, it was revealed that the stone was a seven-month-old fetus.

‘Sun’ According to the report, the woman had been treated before, but doctors were not aware of it. But this time when he went to the doctors claiming that he had abdominal pain, the investigation revealed that there was a fetus in his stomach.

The fetus was in the woman’s womb for 35 years

The seven-month-old fetus, which weighed 4.5 pounds, had been in the woman’s womb for 35 years. But this fetus did not harm her. Yes, sometimes there was mild pain.

What did the doctors say?

Doctors called it lithopedion and said it develops when pregnancy occurs in the abdomen instead of the uterus. Usually, when there is no blood supply during pregnancy, the fetus cannot form and the body cannot take the fetus out. After that, the body gradually transforms the fetus into stone using the same immune process. That is why the fetus found in the woman’s womb was called the ‘stone child’.

Dr. of Case Medical Center, University Hospital, Cleveland. Kim Karsi says tissue calcification protects the mother from other infections and that the stone can stay in the stomach for decades. Mostly people are looking for them and some do not remove it after finding it, he said. According to a 1996 letter in the Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine, only 290 lithopedic cases have been identified so far.