March 28, 2023

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The first person in the world to receive a pig’s heart has died, two months before the heart transplant operation – the American man who performed the first pig heart transplant surgery died 2 months later.

Highlights of the story

  • She underwent surgery at a Maryland hospital two months ago
  • A pig’s heart is genetically modified

American doctors have recently set a new record in the medical world. Doctors have transformed the pig heart implant into a human body. But now a sad news has come out about that person. The world’s first person with a pig heart died two months after transplant surgery.

David Bennett, 57, died Tuesday at the University of Maryland Medical Center. Doctors have not yet determined the exact cause of his death. He said David’s health had deteriorated a few days earlier.

The son praised the doctors’ efforts

Bennett’s son praised the hospital for heart transplant surgery, saying the family hopes such transplant surgery will help overcome the organ shortage. In a statement released by the University of Maryland School of Medicine, the son expressed his gratitude, saying that this may be the hopeful beginning of the story, but not the end of the story.

In January, American physicians set a new record in the world of medical science. Doctors have implanted the heart of a pig in a human body. He successfully transplanted the heart of a genetically modified pig into Bennett.

Doctors have already warned

Even after this transplant, treatment for the patient’s disease is not yet certain, but the process of transitioning from animals to humans could be a milestone, the University of Maryland School of Medicine said in a statement.

1.10 lakh Americans are on the waiting list for alternative treatment

More than 41,000 transplants were performed in the United States last year, according to the AP report. Of these, approximately 3,800 heart transplants were performed, but more than 106,000 are awaiting transplant surgery. More than 6,000 patients die from its deficiency each year.

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David said – I chose to live

David has been bedridden for the past several months. He is in support of a cardiopulmonary bypass machine. David says- ‘There were only two ways for me to die or do this heart transplant surgery. The transplant surgery I chose to live with was like shooting an arrow in the dark, but it was my last option. This time I was eagerly waiting to get out of bed after I recovered.