March 28, 2023

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The girl who cheated 493 people of lakhs of rupees by posting a video saying ‘I have 5 more years of cancer…’ – Woman who faked cancer in viral video cheated 493 people and got Rs 1 lakh Tsty

The girl has defrauded more than 400 people of Rs 30 lakh in the name of cancer. The girl has said in her video that she is suffering from cancer and has to undergo chemotherapy and the doctors have postponed her for 5 years. But all his claims are bogus. When the police came to know about this information, the matter came to light.

According to Dailymail – Madison Marie Russo has been accused by some doctors of uploading videos related to cancer. These doctors told the police that he was falsely reporting that he was suffering from cancer. Police then raided Madison’s home. During the investigation, the police recovered a lot of medical equipment from his house. His car was impounded.

Madison Marie could face up to 10 years in prison if convicted, the statement said. Currently, he has been released on a bail of Rs 8 lakh. He will appear in court again on March 2.

Such an open woman’s pole…
In fact, some doctors told police that Madison Marie, who shared her videos while wearing life-saving equipment, had multiple disabilities. He has converted an apartment in Iowa City, USA into a fake hospital. When the police went to the girl’s house, they found several such medical equipment. This proved his deception. Madison Marie stole photos of several cancer patients and shared her own photos on social media, police said.

Madison during the video (Credit: Madison Marie Russo )

Madison spread false propaganda about herself on social media. He also said that in February 2022, doctors told him about cancer. Madison also said that he has been sentenced to 5 years.

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‘I have a tumor the size of a football’
Madison revealed in a video that she is suffering from a second stage of pancreatic cancer. He has a football-sized lump on his back. It wraps around their spine. Madison shared several fake videos on social media about her illness, while she received donations from 493 people in her name. People were cheated by crowding. Madison has 1800 followers on TikTok. He wears medical equipment in several videos.

When interviewed by the newspaper as if it were a real illness
Surprisingly, a local newspaper interviewed Madison about her fake illness. The newspaper had spoken to him about cancer. A police investigation revealed that all his claims were fake. The investigation revealed that he was living a life of luxury, working part-time and playing golf. At the same time, his medical records also revealed that he did not have any disease like cancer.