February 7, 2023

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The government has announced a nationwide curfew, and schools and colleges will be closed until January 14.

Hack: Nationwide locking corona infection is once again wreaking havoc around the world. The corona virus is spreading fast in many countries. Meanwhile, in view of the epidemic, the Dutch government has announced a nationwide lockout. The Prime Minister of the Netherlands Mark Rutte has announced the imposition of the lockout.

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Speaking to the media, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said, “I am sorry to announce that the Netherlands will be in Lockdown again.” The government has taken this decision in view of the increasing number of cases of omigran variant of the corona virus in the Netherlands.

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The Xinhua news agency quoted him as saying, ‘This is necessary. Omicron is spreading fast ‘The new lock will take effect on Sunday from 5am local time and will be in effect until January 14, 2022. “We are facing a fifth wave because of Omigron,” said Prime Minister Rutte. In such a situation, we should impose strict locking.

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These services are exempt only
Under the new lock, only services such as supermarkets, hospitals, essential stores and car garages will continue. But other stores and all schools-colleges, restaurants, museums, theaters and zoos are covered. He expressed hope that the Omigran variant of the corona virus would dominate the Netherlands after Christmas.

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