June 2, 2023

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The grandson killed his grandfather with an ax and was arrested by the police, claiming that God had done it to me

Highlights of the story

  • The grandson who brutally killed his grandfather
  • Several blows with an ax
  • Police made the arrest

In the United States, a 21-year-old man is accused of brutally killing his 81-year-old grandfather. The young man killed his grandfather with an ax to the head. After killing the young man, he described his grandfather as a ‘monster’ and said ‘God has me do this’. He is currently in police custody in connection with the murder.

According to the Daily Mail, the case is from New Jersey, USA. A young man named Jason Vicari was arrested last week in connection with the brutal murder of his grandfather Ronald Vicari. Jason called his grandfather a ‘monster’.

Youth killed by ax

According to police, on October 19, he received a call that when he arrived at the scene, he found a bloody body lying in the bathroom of the house. An ax was found near the body. The call to the police was made by Jason’s father. When police questioned Jason about the affair, he reportedly said that his grandfather was a ‘demon’ and that “God made me do this (murder) like this”.

Already intimidated

Jason was reported to have threatened his roommate with an ax before carrying out this horrific attack on October 19th. At the time, police confiscated Jason’s weapon (ax) from the premises. But then Jason buys a new ax and commits murder.

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