June 8, 2023

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The hurricane claimed 100 lives in the United States, and these videos are terrifying with a terrifying sight

Highlights of the story

  • A storm that killed about 100 people in the United States
  • These videos are terrifying with a terrifying view

As of Saturday, about 100 people had been killed when buildings collapsed in a severe hurricane that hit the United States. We can tell you that this is the biggest hurricane in American history. Seasonal storm devastated the small towns of Mayfield. It destroyed a candle factory and a nursing home. Apart from this, a train derailed and the Amazon warehouse was badly damaged.

Meanwhile, a video of the storm has been released. You can see in the video how frightening this storm is. Suddenly, a terrifying picture of a storm is seen in the video, sometimes suddenly darkening.

Other than that, another video has some beautiful but scary pictures like Northern Lights. The storm, which started from Kentucky, has so far devastated a total of 5 states in the country. The storm caused heavy casualties and property damage, including numerous vehicles.

President Joe Biden has called it the greatest tragedy in American history. He said it was not possible to say exactly how many people had died in the storm. The Kentucky area is said to have been suddenly plunged into darkness on Saturday. This severe hurricane killed many. Rescue teams are trying to rescue those buried under the rubble of the building due to the storm.

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