August 16, 2022

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The ministry has explained that the price of petrol and diesel has skyrocketed since last night in Bangladesh. Do you know how much the price has increased?

Petrol-Diesel Price in Bangladesh: In Bangladesh, petrol and diesel prices have suddenly increased by 51.7 percent last night. This is the first time in the country’s history that petrol and diesel prices have been hiked to this extent. This is the biggest ever hike in petrol and diesel prices. For one thing, people are already facing inflation and the prices of petrol and diesel have gone up, so people are now suffering from double inflation.Also Read – Maulana Badruddin Ajmal Big Statement – If you find such people in Madrasahs, shoot them, don’t disgrace the entire community – Watch Video

The new price came into effect from 12 midnight

The new petrol and diesel prices will be effective from 12:00 PM on Friday. According to the new prices of petrol and diesel, the price of one liter of octane has now changed to Tk 135, which is 51.7 percent higher than the previous price of Tk 89. A liter of petrol in Bangladesh now costs Tk 130, an increase of Tk 44 or 51.1 percent since last night. Due to its rise in price, the cost of all the daily necessities will rise. Also Read – RBI’s Monetary Policy: Monetary Policy Committee Raises Repo Rate by 0.50 Percent, Know How It Will Affect You

The ministry said this

The Ministry of Electricity, Energy and Mineral Resources of Bangladesh has issued a statement regarding the increase in fuel prices. It is reported that this decision has been taken due to the increase in the price of fuel in the international market. Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation (BPC) incurred a loss of Tk 8,014.51 between February and July due to selling fuel at low prices, the ministry said. Also Read – Anti-Congress: Potato-onion LPG, vegetable carts, shouts of black-clad Congressmen, see photos

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Many countries have already increased the prices of petrol and diesel

In a press release from Bangladesh’s Ministry of Power, Energy and Mineral Resources, many countries, including India, have already taken this decision due to the increase in fuel prices in the international market, and petrol will be Rs. 106.03 per liter (Taka 130.42). Till yesterday in Bangladesh the price of petrol decreased by 34.09 taka and diesel by 44.42 taka.