December 7, 2022

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The new Steam tool can check your library for Steam Deck compatibility

Kris Holt

Those who managed to secure an early shipping date for steam surface Maybe A few days away Who put their hands on the system. to Gives a clearer idea From which Steam games will be played on your laptop, Valve . owns Create a page Where you can check if the titles in your library are compatible.

After you sign in with your Steam account, the tool will organize your library into a few sections. If a game is flagged as verified, it should be played on Steam Deck with little, if any, hiccup. Unsurprisingly, Valve games like half life 2 And the Gate 2 It’s considered verified, just like third-party games like God of WarAnd the Death Stranding, Tetris Effect And the Sekiro: Shadows die twice.

Those labeled Playable will work on the system but “may require additional effort to interact with or configure,” according to Valve. Walheim, The Witcher 3, Inscription And the The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim be Among them.

There may be some games in your library that are not currently running on the device at all. One of those, unfortunately, is fall men. Virtual reality games like Half-life: Alex and VR version of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice It won’t work on it either. The tool will also show how many games in your library have not yet been tested on Steam Deck.

Valve has tested a relatively small number of Steam games so far. According to SteamDB, 766 games are rated as installed or playable, while 368 games are not supported at the moment. As of Wednesday, there was 64,679 games Listed on Steam. Valve continues to test games though, so more games will be rated “Installed” or “Playable” in the coming months.

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The tool builds on a set of stickers by Valve Add to Steam Games over the past few months. Although there are many more untested games than those already checked by Valve, this could still be an easy way to see if purchasing a Steam Deck might help.

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