June 9, 2023

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The Omigran case has not yet been reported in India, the government says in Parliament 10 points

New Delhi :
The new type of Covid-19 is in ‘alert’ mode around the world regarding the Omigron (Omigron variant). Although it is not in India, the government is taking full precautionary measures on its part. The federal government has said that not a single case of Omicron (Omicron) has been registered in the country so far.

Important information about the case:

  1. A short debate under Rule 193 on Govt management and the new variant Omicron (Omicron) will be held in the Lok Sabha tomorrow. In the Rajya Sabha today, Health Minister Mansuk Mandavia said, “Not a single case of Omigron has been detected in the country so far. Every effort is being made to prevent such cases. The Health Minister stressed that the Govt is in control but it has not been completely eradicated. So far 124 crore dose has been taken.

  2. On Monday, ICMR’s head of epidemiology Dr Samiran Panda told NDTV, ‘I would not be surprised if it is found (different) in India. This is only a matter of time. This variant spreads with high potential for infection. ,

  3. Amid growing concerns about the spread of Omicron to several countries, Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan on Tuesday held a review meeting with states and union territories and advised them to expedite trials to detect and manage cases in advance.

  4. States are advised to closely monitor international passengers and every passenger arriving from at-risk countries should undergo RT PCR testing at the airport. Send all positive samples to insacog. In addition, their contact and positive travelers should be followed for 14 days. In addition, districts have been asked to increase the number of checks.

  5. The Ministry of Health has advised that all positive samples of hotspots or cases should be sent to the Inzac Lab. . The need to keep the hospital infrastructure in good condition was also mentioned during this period.

  6. An official from the Federal Ministry of Health said that Bhushan had underlined that new variants could not be detected by RT-PCR and RAT testing, adding that states and Union Territories with adequate infrastructure and surveillance should be isolated at home and asked to ensure shelter.

  7. The Ministry of Health has added travelers from Europe, South Africa, Brazil, Bangladesh, Botswana, China, Mauritius, New Zealand, Zimbabwe, Singapore, Hong Kong and Israel to the category of countries at risk.

  8. RT-PCR will be tested at the airport for passengers arriving from hazardous countries. According to the rules, those from countries at risk where test reports are negative must also be under house arrest for seven days. The test will be repeated on the eighth day.

  9. Not only this, 5 per cent of foreign travelers will be randomly screened, according to the Federal Ministry of Health.

  10. It is also advisable to carefully monitor the case of persons coming from countries such as those who are not in the category of risk countries and have received negative reports.

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