June 2, 2023

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The plumber was digging the wall, millions of dollars inside! – Plumber found envelopes of tstz cash checks on church wall

Highlights of the story

  • Plumber Church got Rs 4.5 crore
  • He showed honesty and returned all the money
  • The church gave millions of rupees as a gift

The American plumber got millions of rupees while repairing the bathroom. But he was honest and returned the money. Which benefited him. In fact, Justin Cole, who lives in Texas, was invited to repair the bathroom at the same Lockwood church.

Justin was repairing the bathroom when he got Rs 4.5 crore there. His feelings flew when he saw so many rupees. Still, he was honest and handed the money over to the church administration.

According to the Daily Star, all this money was lying on the wall of the bathroom. Seven years ago, these rupees were said to have been stolen from the vault of the church. According to the report, crores of rupees worth of cash and checks were stolen from the church vault in March 2014. Investigative agencies then offered the man a reward of more than three lakh rupees. Following this, a prize of Rs 15 lakh was announced on behalf of the church.

On November 10, Justin was spotted on the wall when he came to fix something in the bathroom. Justin said that while repairing the bathroom, it felt like there was something inside the wall. When he removed the plaster from the wall, he saw that there was so much money stashed away. He did not count them then. Went straight and gave it to the church administration.

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Photo- Getty Images

The church had decided to pay millions of rupees to an intelligence agency called Crime Stoppers. But when the company found out about Justin’s noble deed, they decided to give the money to Justin. Also, the church that saw Justin’s honesty also announced that they would give him extra money as a reward.

At the same time, Justin said he had to pay several bills. That is why all these rupees are going to be of great use to him. She is so glad her tension is gone now.