March 27, 2023

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The princess who rejected Rs 9 crore from the royal family lives in a 1 BHK apartment! – Japan Princess Mako husband Kei Komuro tst one bedroom new york apartment

Highlights of the story

  • Princess Mako lives in New York City with her husband
  • Mako’s husband is a lawyer and works for an American company.
  • Mako, 30, is the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Bumihito of Japan

Princess Japan and her husband Kei Komuro live in the United States after refusing a royal title to marry her boyfriend. According to the Japanese media NHK, Princess Mako lives with her husband in a one-bedroom apartment in New York City.

Princess Mako has already left her royal bungalow in Tokyo. The couple currently live in an apartment in Tokyo and then plan to move to the United States. Mako’s husband is a lawyer and works for a company in the United States.

One bedroom flat rent in certain areas of New York City (such as Manhattan’s West Mill) ranges from Rs 2.2 lakh to Rs 8.2 lakh per month.

Mako, 30, is the eldest daughter of Crown Prince Bumihito of Japan. After an 8-year relationship, Mako married boyfriend Kei Komuro on October 26th. In Japan there are rules that if a woman marries an ordinary man outside the royal family she must give up the royal title.

Mako with her husband.

According to officials associated with the Japanese royal family, Princess Mako was entitled to receive about Rs 9 crore when she left the royal family, but the princess refused to take the money. It is understood that Princess can work in the United States.

In Japan, Princess Mako and Kei Komuro protested against the wedding and the wedding took place in a closed room. However, members of the royal family attended the wedding. After the wedding, the couple addressed a press conference and expressed regret for the suffering caused to some by this marriage.