November 30, 2022

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The second plane crashed into a snowflake that fell from the plane, the crash happened at an altitude of 35 thousand feet, the passengers survived tragically – the ice block glass was broken British Airways passengers escaped unharmed ntc

Highlights of the story

  • Travelers heading to Costa Rica to spend the Christmas holidays
  • He returned to London after being stranded at the airport for 50 hours

A British Airways plane carrying about 200 passengers from London for the Christmas holidays has collided with a snowflake that fell from another plane. In the collision, the glass of the British Airways plane was broken. The plane was at an altitude of 30,000 feet at the time of the collision. According to media reports, the Boeing 777 was heading from London Gatwick to San Jose in Costa Rica on Christmas Day. After the collision, the plane landed safely in San Jose.

An iceberg is said to have fallen from another plane, hitting the glass of a British Airways plane two inches thick. The passengers were brought to London from the plane as there was not much damage on the plane.

A woman named Michelle told The Independent that my husband’s family lives in Edinburgh. They celebrate Christmas on December 24th. We were going to him by a connecting plane. Michael said she went on a honeymoon in Costa Rica with her husband Khair Olafson.

He said the British Airways processor was four hours late in boarding the flight the next day. We have not received any information by email or any other means. He said all the passengers were safe despite the accident at altitude, but after an emergency landing, we were stranded at the airport for about 50 hours. On the other hand, British Airways has apologized to passengers after the incident.

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Airways pay passengers தாம 520 for delays

An Airways passenger said that due to the patience of the passengers and the cooperation of the engineers and staff, the passengers were brought to London. He said British Airways would pay £ 520 per passenger for inconvenience and delay.