October 4, 2022

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The shark thrust one leg into the mouth, and the girl made kicks and punches! Survived – Fighting Lemon Shark Fighting Giant Shark Head Killer Attack tstf

Highlights of the story

  • The shark attacked the girl
  • The girl fought hard

A woman who went swimming in the sea was attacked by a dangerous shark (Shark Attack On Woman). The shark caught the woman’s leg by its jaw. But the woman was very brave and was able to get rid of the shark surprisingly. The woman has told this story that everyone is stunned to hear. Let us know the whole thing ..

In fact, the incident took place in Florida, USA. Heather West, 42, went snorkeling at sea with friends. According to the ‘Daily Mail’, but as she went deeper into the water, a six-foot lemon shark stuck one of her legs into his jaw. She tried hard to escape, but could not succeed.

Fight the sharks with punches!

In such a situation, Heather West began to beat her arms and legs to save her life. His right leg was in the shark’s mouth. West says he stabbed the shark in the head several times and eventually escaped his clutches.

Photo: Heather West

Heather West said- ‘When we went under the water, everything was fine, but after a while a strong movement started. I had a strange feeling that something was wrong. Then I had severe pain in one leg. In fact, he was attacked by a shark. When I looked back, it was actually a shark. Immediately I started kicking him in the face. He also threw punches with his hands. I stabbed him several times in the face, hitting me as hard as I could, and after about 30 seconds the shark finally left my leg.

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However, Heather West suffered a serious leg injury in the attack. He continues to rest on medical advice. Currently he is out of danger. This story of his has been talked about on many topics.