June 6, 2023

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The shocking news that criminal judge Marial Suarez has been caught kissing the killer Shidri

The video of a woman kissing her killer in prison has gone viral. The investigation revealed that the female judge was also a member of the same panel that convicted the killer. However, this judge opposed the sentence of the killer. The incident took place in Argentina. The lip-lock video of criminal judge Marial Suarez caught on CCTV with Christian Pastos jailed for murder. After the video was released, Judge Marial called it a formal meeting and cited the camera’s incorrect angle in the video.

According to the Daily Star, Judge Marial argued that the murderer, Christian Bastos, should not be given a life sentence. Now after the release of the video of him kissing in prison with the same criminal, Marial says that he is writing a book about Christ and went to jail to talk about it. Video of that meeting.

The relationship with the killer, the judge was expensive
Mary’s investigation into her love affair with the perpetrator has begun. The investigation is being conducted by keeping the video recorded on the CCTV camera. In it Judge Marial appears to be leaning toward the Christian side of the criminal with his back to the camera. In her explanation, she said that in order to maintain the confidentiality of her conversation, she went very close to Christian and could not be heard by those present. It remains to be seen how useful this argument will be in the trial against him.

Judge Marial is seen very close to the killer in the film

He was convicted of two counts of murder
Christian Bastos is serving a sentence for killing his son and a police officer. He was recently sentenced to life imprisonment. He was wanted in connection with the murder of his adopted son. When police went to catch him, Christian shot the policeman. At the same time, in an interview with the Argentine news website Todo Noticias, Marial Suarez said, ‘I have no emotional connection with this person. I am writing a book about it. There is only one work relationship between us.

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