March 25, 2023

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The situation in Ukraine is deteriorating, 50,000 civilians have fled the country in the last 48 hours – Russia flees Ukraine War zone Putin NATO NTC

Highlights of the story

  • Russia-Ukraine talks have come to the table
  • Russia bluntly – Ukraine laid down its arms

Russia-Ukraine war: The situation there has been deteriorating since Russia launched a full-scale offensive against Ukraine. Despite the fact that talks are currently being held, there is still a tense situation on the ground. The Russian military continues to attack. Missiles are being launched, rockets are being launched and efforts are being made to bring many parts of Ukraine under their control.

Now the biggest impact of this war has become to force the ordinary people of Ukraine to leave their own homes. According to the UN, more than 50,000 Ukrainians have fled their homeland in the past 48 years. For now everyone is thinking of saving their lives. There has been long congestion on the roads, unrest among the people, and competition to get to a safe place with relatives.

With Russia and Ukraine currently on the negotiating table, it is said that the evacuation may be halted in the coming days. The date has not been decided but a big decision will be made soon. It has been suggested that talks between Russia and Ukraine could take place in the Minsk capital of Belarus.

From Russia, the project has been shipped to Ukraine. Apart from Russia’s proposal, Britain and the United States have also made it clear that NATO countries should not take part in the war. In such a situation, Ukraine is completely isolated and has little choice. Russia’s military continues to attack, Ukraine’s resources are depleted and people are fleeing.

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Speaking of the current situation, big claims have been made by both Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine claims to have killed at least 1000 Russian soldiers on its side, while all Russian warplanes are said to have been destroyed. On the other hand, according to Russia, it has captured the Antonov airport near the capital, Kiev. At the same time, Ukraine has succeeded in cutting it off from the West.