August 16, 2022

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The sword was drawn on the crisis of immigrants in Poland and Belarus, he called Putin the brain

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The Polish Prime Minister has accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of being the “mastermind” of the migrant crisis on the border between Poland and Belarus.

Mateusz Morawiecki, Belarus’s ruling leader and Putin’s closest allies, is plotting the crisis, but “its masterminds are sitting in Moscow.”

At least 2,000 migrants are stranded at the border in the bitter cold.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has denied allegations that Belarus is sending immigrants across the border in response to EU sanctions.

Video footage shows a crowd marching towards Belarus on the border with Poland’s barbed wire fence. Some can be seen trying to force their way into Poland with bolt cutters and push-ups, while Polish guards can be seen using tear gas to block them.

In the freezing cold Trapped Immigrant

Most of the immigrants are young people, but also women and children, mostly from the Middle East and Asia, camped in tents on the Belarusian border. They have Polish guards on one side and Belarus guards on the other, and these people are trapped between the two.

At night the temperature on the border drops below zero and many people have died here in recent weeks.

Image source, Prime Minister of Poland

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Mateusz Moraviki, Belarus’s dictatorial leader and Putin’s closest allies, is planning the crisis, but “its masterminds are sitting in Moscow.”

He accused Russian and Belarusian leaders of trying to destabilize the EU through immigrants who are not part of the EU.

Moraviki called the situation “a new kind of war in which people are being used as human shields.”

He said it was the first time in 30 years that such a vicious attack had taken place on the Polish border. Poland has sent additional troops to the border and warned of ‘weapons use’. Poland fears that Belarus may try to provoke the situation.

Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, which are members of the European Union, have seen an increase in the number of people trying to enter Belarus illegally in recent months. On Tuesday, Lithuania declared a state of emergency on the Belarusian border.

‘We don’t even have food or water’

Such people are in high numbers in Poland, especially the number of people crossing the border into Kuznica.

Poland has been accused of deporting refugees back to Belarus in violation of international law. Journalists and aid agencies are barred from entering the area.

“None of us were allowed to enter Belarus or Poland,” Swan Kurt, 33, from Iraq, told the BBC via video call.

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He said he had moved from Baghdad to the Belarusian capital, Minsk, in early November and was now living in a makeshift camp near the Polish barbed wire border.

The European Union, NATO and the United States have all accused Belarus of increasing the number of immigrants. The European Commission has accused Lukashenko of “luring immigrants with false promises of easy entry into the EU”.

He says Belarus’ move is in retaliation for EU sanctions. These restrictions were imposed after Lukashenko’s re-election, following massive protests. This election was considered unreliable.

Activists claim that immigrants are being used as soldiers in the political game between Belarus and the European Union.

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Lithuania enforced a state of emergency on the border

In view of the increasing number of migrants, Lithuania has also stationed large numbers of troops on its border with Belarus. The government has said declaring a state of emergency is a precautionary measure.

Two dozen illegal immigrants from Belarus have been detained in Lithuania. They were suspected of having links with terrorist organizations.

Lansinkos said that when they (immigrants) were stopped, most of them showed fake IDs and their background checks were still ongoing. However, he did not specify which terrorist organizations may have links with the immigrants. Also, he did not respond when he was taken into custody.

“There is always danger when large numbers of people cross the border, and our intelligence systems try to prevent this kind of activity,” says Lansinkos.

What did Belarus say?

Image source, Reuters

Belarus’ Defense Ministry has accused Poland of violating the agreement by sending thousands of troops across the border. Belarus claims that immigrants come there legally and operate only as a “hospitality country”.

Russia praised the “responsible” approach of its ally Belarus in dealing with the border issue and said it was closely monitoring the situation.