March 27, 2023

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The US ambassador to Nepal celebrates Diwali, with Chad getting a tattoo of Om on his hand.

Highlights of the story

  • Chad also celebrates the US Ambassador to Nepal
  • Handmade tattoo

In Nepal, ambassadors of the big country are usually embroiled in controversy. Sometimes about his statements or sometimes about his political meetings. But at this time, the US ambassador to Nepal, during his tenure, was not embroiled in controversy over his statement or involved in controversies related to the political meeting. He is often the subject of controversy for his small but important messages.

American ambassadors celebrate all festivals

Since the inauguration of US Ambassador to Nepal Randy Perry, he has been celebrating every festival celebrated in Nepal, without ending the rituals. He shares those moments with all the staff at the embassy on Twitter and Facebook. Hence, this style of his is much preferred by ordinary Nepalese citizens.

Last month, Dussehra, Deepavali and Sat Puja were celebrated in Nepal, this time becoming a nationwide festival. All of these festivals are celebrated with reverence by their families. Being a Hindu nation by nature, Nepal has a happy and enthusiastic environment. But if a foreigner celebrates our festival, surely such a person will get a special place of honor in our view.

Sat participated in the puja

U.S. Ambassador to Nepal Barry celebrates every holiday in Nepal with great enthusiasm and shares his joy on social media. During Dasara, they are vaccinated like a typical Nepali citizen, and then on Diwali they decorate their embassy and house with rangoli and in the evening they light the lamp. They also celebrate Baya Dooj at Nepal’s famous Kumari Puja. This time US Ambassador Randy Barry went to Janakpur and worshiped at Satkat. Like the Sat Vratis, they take the soup and takri in hand and put fruits and sweets in it, arching it to the sun.

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Hand tattooed

The US Ambassador has just visited Rara Tal, the most beautiful tourist destination in Nepal. Most foreign tourists are unaware of this place. Rara Tal saw the potential for tourism and toured with the Australian Ambassador. At the same time, he has a tattoo of Om on his right hand.