June 2, 2023

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The USA flight returned to China midway because of the lack of sanitation-related cleaning needs

Shanghai. United States (USA) From Shanghai to China (Shanghai) The flight to the city had to return in the air. It is said to be Delta Airlines (Delta Airlines) Infection on this plane (International distribution) The plane was not allowed to land in Shanghai due to non-compliance with related health requirements. In this regard, the Chinese consulate in San Francisco expressed its opposition and condemned the airline. Corona virus in recent days (Corona virus) Many flights to China have been canceled to prevent this.

Ahead of the Winter Olympics in China in February 2022, efforts are being made to prevent corona infection in the country. Due to this, the government authority in China has canceled many flights and partially banned the operation.

According to media reports, the Delta Airlines flight returned midway due to the expiration of the Covit-19 test results of the passengers on the flight from the United States. Delta, an American airline, canceled several of its flights at Christmas as it switched to Omigron variants. According to a report, 4,500 flights worldwide have been canceled due to the threat of corona virus infection.

The number of flights from Taiwan to Shanghai is also said to have been reduced due to the disinfection process. These days, due to the increasing number of Govt-19 cases in China, many restrictions have been imposed. The curfew has been in place for the past few days in Xi’an, China.

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