October 4, 2022

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The woman who came to unpack on the balcony fell from the 19th floor and kept swaying in the wind like this! – Video tstf

Highlights of the story

  • The old woman fell from the 19th floor
  • He was spreading clothes on the balcony

An elderly woman has fallen from the 19th floor in China. She had come to spread the washed clothes on the balcony of her house. Then, he slipped and started falling from the 19th floor. But then a ‘miracle’ happened that saved the woman’s life. Let’s find out how ..

In fact, the case came from Yangzhou (Yangzhou, Jiangsu) in the southern Chinese province of Jiangsu. An 82-year-old woman was spreading clothes on the balcony of the 19th floor of her apartment. Then the foot slipped and began to fall down. One of the cases Video Has come forward.

This saved the life of an old woman

In the video you can see how the legs of the old lady who fell from the 19th floor balcony got caught in the cloth rack placed on the 18th floor balcony. With its help she began to hang in the air. The woman’s head, arms and body were hanging on the 17th floor. Then his legs got stuck in the cloth rack on the 18th floor.

The rescue was done like this

People were heartbroken when they saw this scene. Police and rescue crews were immediately called. Rescue crews went to the 18th floor and another team to the 17th floor. They tied a rope around the woman’s body and slowly dragged her to the balcony.

The crew bravely rescued the woman. The older woman had no major injuries. She had been hanging upside down in the air for a long time and was given immediate first aid. This is what came out of the mouth of whoever saw the scene – the woman’s survival was no less than a ‘miracle’.