February 7, 2023

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The woman who married ‘Zombie Doll’ says she has 6 ‘kids’! – The woman who married the zombie doll says she has six children and is an alien toy lover

Highlights of the story

  • The girl is married to a doll
  • Toy and said she has 6 children
  • Close to another toy lover

A woman in the United States has married a zombie-looking doll and said she currently has 6 children. The woman says she also has an ‘Alien Boyfriend’. This girl’s name is Felicity.

According to the ‘Daily Star’ news, the name of the zombie doll who married Felicity is Kelly Rosie. Felicity married him in 2018. Some close persons of the woman are involved in this marriage. Felicity’s other zombie dolls also attended the wedding. The marriage was very critical.

Felicity says she asked her parents to buy the toy 13 years ago, but they refused to buy the toy, scaring it. When Felicity’s mother died many years later, her father bought her a zombie doll as a birthday present.

Photo: Felicity / YouTube

Felicity claims to have married a gay doll. His love affair with Doll began at the age of 10. They currently have 6 children. The woman says she faced a lot of criticism on social media after marrying Dolly.

Tried to interact with humans

Felicity once destroyed the toy in anger and tried to interact with humans. But at any moment in 2020 she broke up with her boyfriend. Because of that he returned to his relationship with a doll named Callie Rosie. Felicity said – “I tried to set the doll aside for a long time, but I couldn’t.”

Felicity says he also had an affair with a ‘toy’ named Robert, which he bought when he was 17 years old. She now considers the muscle toy to be her boyfriend, and is happy to have the “father” of the toy’s children.

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